• It kinda is

    I remember at kids hospitals there a tv in the room. The dr says they can watch a little bit of tv before bed it is okay a little bit not to much. When the patient kid falls asleep. The dr. Ticks them in. Turns light off. Walks out of room. Turns tv off. Sdn closes the door. Maybe watch educational programs instead of entertaining things maybe little entertainment. Is okay.

  • ONLY if kids use it the right way. You will know what I mean by looking at my response. * MY OPINION *

    As a kid, I enjoy watching television. I would switch on the TV every time I finish school and I would go straight watching the cartoon channels available. TV brings joy and satisfaction to every child/teen, It makes them happy. However, As I slowly walked myself into the realm of adulthood, I found out that TV can also bring future consequences.

    As a kid, I don't always sit on the couch watching television all day, Like a lazy lob. I also have a very BIG interest in reading books, Especially non-fiction ones. Half of the kids nowadays won't even bother visiting their local libraries. They think it's for nerds. They will rather choose to be at home, Lock themselves in their rooms, Watching either television or playing games such as Minecraft or Fortnite or GTA. This is not good for their health and for their well-being, Equally speaking.

    Children can also be uncontrollable. They will go on watching movies 3-4 hours a day. Most might even raise the bar, By disobeying their parents and watch longer. If they continue to do that on a regular basis, I can guarantee you that their school grades will fall at a rapid rate. They will be all over the shop! Plus, Their eye sights will deteriorate as time goes by. So, This is a massive problem that every child and teen will face while growing up. But if they use it the right way, Such as having good organizational skills, Things will be much easier for them to manage their lives.

  • I am in the middle

    Tv gives something for adults and children alike to look forward to after a long day of work or school. However, Especially on smart tv, There are apps like youtube which are ok for tutorials or educational videos etc but are sometimes filled with rubbish which is why i said no. Also, The blue lights from tv affect peoples sleep and there are other options such as reading or tidying the house up. Also some kids nag and nag and nag their parents, Who try their best to resist, To let the kids watch tv creating a hassle for parents

  • There are better alternatives.

    As someone who grew up without television. I spent my youthful years reading books instead. It really was the most productive time of my life. Reading books taught me how to imagine. For children, Imagining a scene in your head is a lot more powerful than seeing it blasted on a screen.

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