• No game will ever be better than UNDERTALE

    It truly is the best game ever. It might not have the best graphics, But that is of no importance. It has a very deep story alot of little details and secrets, As well as a very positive and clear message. I would recommend this game to everybody, Solid 11/10.

  • Nah, Even CoD is better.

    Undertale is made on simple game engine, Simple graphics, BUT the story is good so. Theres alotta games that are better, Even in Indie games industry, I am sure. Conclusion: Yep, Story is good, Mechanics too BUT it can't be the best game of the entire time and world. End

  • No game is "THE BEST GAME EVER"

    Everyone has different opinions. That includes games, Everyone thinks differently of games and everyone has their different favorite game they think is the best to ever exist. If you think Undertale is the best, Good for you. Undertale is undeniably a great game and made a huge impression, But personally, I don't think any game including Undertale deserves that title all for itself.

  • Sucks dick lmao

    Le ebic furry game that gets drawn inflation fetish art on deviantart? No this game sucks balls. Cod is way better and has sold more. Indie games are garbage and usually are made by them soyboy looking guys with the giant glasses, Retarded facial hair and wide open mouth for jamal.

  • Deltarune exists bub.

    Back in 2015, One could make such a outrageous claim. But now that delta rune is here, And it shows how undertale could have had better sprites, A more engaging battle system, Freaking COLORED battle sprites, And a more mysterious story, We must come to the obvious conclusion that undertale is not the best. Get dunked on. I will proceed to fortnite dance.

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