• Veganism is definitely turning into a cult

    They have changed the four food groups leaving out meat and
    Dairy, They are making it a hate crime throughout the world to eat meat.
    Heck, If we're not careful we might put meat eaters like myself
    Also meats helps builds muscle, I don't see any body building
    Vegans out there, Do you?

  • Yes even true vegans know this

    There is a growing group that dictates you must only eat vegetables and forsake all dairy and meat permanently.
    Even vegans know that they need to eat some eggs and fish to get some essential nutrients.
    It made headlines that a YouTube vegan was eating fish. She was fraud and defended herself by saying she became allergic to cellulose and had to eat fish. The hypocrite became sick following her lifestyle and made money by telling people to follow her example.

    I respect people that want to limit their meat intake. I will not even care if you eat meat from time to time. What bothers me is how you try to elevate yourself as someone superior to me and how you look down on everyone. And you live a lie because you need to eat some non vegan foods from time to time.
    That is a cult to me and that cult check list was made by a man and you can find other different cult check list online.

  • No, Its becoming less of a cult, This is because an increasing % of them are doing it for health/athlectic reasons.

    While there is an active PETA group, Its the same size as it was 20 years ago. There are not an increasing or decreasing number of those types of people. On the other hand the number of competitive athletes who are vegan is increasing, For example 15 players on titans football team are following animal-free diets, Not for animal cruelty but rather performance.

  • Not Really, And Here's Why:

    The founder of IHOP, Mike Bickle, Created a list of seven ways to recognize the difference between a community and a cult. Written down, The signs seem clear:

    1. Opposing critical thinking

    2. Isolating members and penalizing them for leaving

    3. Emphasizing special doctrines

    4. Seeking inappropriate loyalty to their leaders

    5. Dishonoring the family unit

    6. Crossing boundaries of behavior

    7. Separation from the group

    For the most part, My experience with Vegans does NOT live up to these extreme conditions.

    Sure, You may find someone influential on the net who may act cult-like, But we should remember those are few in comparison to the majority.

    It can definitely appear that way due to how easy it is to see the extremes of something on the Internet. From what I've observed and experienced, Most Vegans tend to be understanding of other's diet choices, And don't necessarily act in a cult like fashion.

  • There are many reasonable vegans

    Some vegans do shame people that eat meat and shove the fact that they are vegan into your face, However, Most vegans don't talk about the fact that they're vegan and respect your choices if you eat meat. Most of the Hate for vegans is due to a very small group of the former.

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