• Winter is obviously superior.

    Imagine this, it's winter, you're cold, what do you do? You put on more clothes!
    Now imagine this, it's summer, 100 degrees outside, you're almost naked but you're still on fire, what do you do? Nothing you can do. You're going to melt and there's nothing you can do about it.

  • Winter is better

    Winter is the better holiday because of the temperature. Since it's cold, you use energy to warm yourself up. It will help with your system growing stronger. In the summer, you sweat losing hydration. Drinking water will help. There are better sports in the winter and the winter I find brings family closer together because nobody really wants to go outside with there friends so the family is always together

  • Winter is better

    I say this because there are indoor pools all year round. In summer people can be exposed to hear stokes and degustation more in the summer. In the winter time you can go ice skating ice hockey snowball fights and much more. Also because of blizzards kids can miss school days unexpectedly and also can last for a long time. Lastly without winter the movie frozen probably wouldn't be here right now.

  • I like winter

    In the winter time, you can play a lot of sports that you can't play in the summer time like hockey and you can do fun activities like ice skating. There are more but I things but I don't want to mention them and winter is my birthday so that is awesome… :)

  • Winter is far more beautiful

    In summer months, temperatures can reach into the triple digits (on the Fahrenheit scale), parching the soil and turning a lot of the greenery a drab, olive color. While yes vegetation is 100% greener in summer than winter, you can't find naturally forming ice crystals to awe and admire in summer

  • The Beauty of Winter

    Winter is better than summer because of the beauty of it. Summer can get dry and the vegetation gets a disgusting bland green color. But winter has all of these blues and whites that catch your eye and let you know that nature is beautiful and mysterious. The frost on windows creates magnificent patterns and not to mention no two snow flakes are a like.

  • Why is summer better? It's hot and tough

    Personally, I think winter is better. In really hot summers, all you can do is staying in a pond, pool or river, which is not always possible. Or turning on your air conditioner, which uses lots of energy.
    In the winter, staying out the wind and wearing layers of warm clothes is enough. You can build snowmen's or have snowball fights with friends or stay in the house instead of having to open windows which then brings flies & mosquitos inside not unless you love them
    ha! Lol. In summer you be roasting like a Stove Heater, Hair dryer, Lava, Exhaust pipe, Iron, Boiling water, Curling Iron, Hot glue gun, Toaster, Hot pots, pans & Hair Straightener in an oven

  • Helps Drinking of water

    Summer is so much better then winter for health reasons because it is generally hotter in winter so people drink water more. Water is very important to thousands of chemical processes that are in your body cells to help it to function. Some of them are helping digestion, keeping your body temperature right, helping the health of your skin and flushing toxins from your body. Also, in the summer months we are more tempted to drink enough which is a recommended two litres of water a day needed for optimum health. The more fluid your body loses the more {2}you need to drink, so take regular sips of water throughout the day. Limit tea, coffee and cola drinks to three a day.

  • Winter is when most professional sports are.

    Most of the major sport leagues (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB) have a majority of there season in winter. MLB has half of it season in summer but the world series is in winter. The super bowl is in winter. The NBA finals are in winter/spring. NHL playoffs are in spring but just about all of their games are in winter. Life is better when sports are on. In winter you go in your room with a blanket a hot chocolate and turn on the radio and listen to a baseball game. You can snuggle up on the couch and turn on the tv. Watch some sports on their. The only thing that is more boring in winter then summer is the olymmpics but that is an exception because it is every 2 years. To summarize every thing sports are more plentiful in winter.

  • Winter is better.

    Why? Many reasons, such as the fact that you can only take off so much clothing during the summer, unless at a nude beach. If not, you have to walk around wearing something. During the winter, if you want to get warmer, it's simple. Layer, layer and, oh yeah. Layer. Winter also brings Christmas Time, and who doesn't like that? Also, the days are shorter which means more sleep and less time working during the day. Who doesn't like Christmas, sleep, and wearing cuddly sweaters?

  • No summer wins

    If you want to go swimming then it has to be in summer. In winter you are stuck inside and can be all depressed and in the dark. In the summer you can tan and be in the sun. In winter there are a lot of car accidents too because of the icy roads.

  • No, winter is not better then summer.

    Many places around the world experience some extremely harsh conditions during the winter. This makes it very difficult to go outside and enjoy the day. This is why I believe that overall summer is much better then winter. In the summer you can do more activities then in the winter.

  • Hat people get sick in the winter

    Tons of people get sick and they mid out on things but in the summer time people can run around and play and they don't get sick from the cold. In the winter people have to put on so many clothing that it itches and you go back inside and take all the clothing off and when you get a knock at your door and it's your friends asking you if you want to come play outside and you have to put all the clothing back on. But in the summer you can jut put on our shoe and your out playin with your friends and having fun. Let say you have pets and it winter and you can't take them for a walk because it's to cold out there for them. But in the summer you can just get ready and take them on their walk. And that's why I like summer than winter.

  • Because people can't adapted to the winter than the summer

    I like summer because I adapted to it than other people and winter is cold and people can get sick. I like the summer because can play outside than bundle up in clothing and get ton of itches that you can't reach and that will bother you till you go inside and get all the clothing off and finally get it and then your friends asks you to come outside and play with them and you have to get all the clothing back on. But in the summer you can just grab your shoes and go out.

  • Summer Is better

    Summer is better because there is not much school and I love to go to the beach. Even though I like Christmas, Winter is boring. I like snow and ice but we just have to stay inside. Summer is so so so so fun that's why I love it SMMMMM!

  • Summer is way better

    Summer is more better than winter winter is so cold that today 4 people were killed in the start of early winter ok and no summer is much better than winter ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok ok you hear me ok ok good bye 👋

  • Summer Just Rocks!

    Its just obvious that summer is better than winter! Like DUH! In the summer you can do so many fun activities swim in the pool, Go to the beach, Have fun outside and so many more! The winter is just cold and depressing! And in winter you get sick YUCK! Its just clear that summer is better! Who agrees? !
    Like this XD

  • Winter is not Better

    In winter people become balls of hatred trying to stay warm you can't do anything. In summer you can go swimming go to the beach drink lemonade or iced coffee. In summer you have ice cream and lots of other yummy treats. Overall i think summer is better than winter

  • Winter causes pain.

    Winter is worse because it causes pain, Summer only causes discomfort. In the summer if you are hot, You can just drink more water. In the winter if you are cold and want or need to be outside you have to wear bulky clothes. On top of that, Your hands will become numbs making it hard to do things with them outdoors for much time. If you’re skinny you will feel even colder.

  • If you are hot, Jump in a pool!

    I don’t think it is hard to go outside and play during the summer. I live in Okinawa, An all year round SUMMER! Some people say put on more clothes in the winter, And well, Obviously! And when your hot? Turn on a fan, An air conditioner, Go to the beach, Fill up a pool you buy at a dollar store, Which by the way is air conditioned, Or have fun in a mall, Even play in the rain! So many things you can do in the summer!

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ladiesman says2018-07-25T23:54:14.013
Winter and summer are both extremes. When you experience either, you desire it's opposite. When you're hot, you want to be cool, and when you're cold, you desire warmth.

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