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  • The hell is that

    Of course its not why would it be, I don't even know waht it is go away I don't know you alien freak I swear to god you don't know what youre talkin about in my flat earth go away you are so god damn wrong, You need jesus right now

  • What is Wyoming?

    Is that the ninth planet? Or is this some exoplanet? From the picture, We can see that this is rectangular. Why? Is this the picture of the capital of Wyoming? Or is the planet itself a rectangular prism? Heck, It is as obscure as the exoplanet named X-3890C! You joking?

  • Garfield said so.

    Garfield told me Wyoming wasn't real, So Wyoming isn't real. We all know Garfield can never lie and is our lord and savior. Why would Garfield lie to us? He wouldn't. He is god. He would never lie. We should all believe Garfield all the time. This is why Wyoming clearly isn't real.

    Note: Vermont also isn't real.

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