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Jeff Merkeley calls Trump a five-year old: Can a five year old make a good President?

  • This five year old is awesome

    If Donald Trump is a five year old then that means a five year old is a fantastic president. This five year old has amazing dreams of what America could be and will be. Donald Trump has already completed many campaign promises. If Donald Trump is five I want to be five.

  • Yes, Trump can make a good president.

    Just because Jeff Merkeley calls Donald Trump a 5-year old does not mean that Trump really is a five-year old. In other words, Mrekley is acting just as immature as he accuses Trump of being. Trump has the potential to be a good president if he can learn to build a consensus before making major decisions. Also, he needs to become more pragmatic on some of his views.

  • He would use common sense.

    A five year old would make a good President because they wouldn't be corrupt. Children are innocent. They decide what they think is right and wrong. They haven't yet developed the biases and prejudices that adults have. For this reason, a five-year old would make a great President because they would make decisions based on common sense.

  • No, a five year old cannot make a good president.

    No, a five year old cannot make a good president. Five year old children have not yet developed the critical thinking skills and wealth of knowledge necessary to lead the free world. They are also unable to legally operate a vehicle or enter many businesses and government buildings without being chaperoned.

  • No, no, no

    Donald Trump is a textbook case of narcissism. He makes decisions based on how they affect him directly not how his decisions affect everyone around him. He is very egocentric like most five year olds. This kind of personality is Dangerous as a world leader because their egocentricity can be used easily against him.

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