Johnny Cash tribute performance: Will future generations remember Johnny Cash?

  • Yes they will

    Johnny Cash has had a lasting impact on music, not just country music. His influence goes beyond one genre, and anyone who genuinely loves music will read and listen to his. As a guitarist, singer, songwriter, author and actor, Cash has a pretty large body of work. He's one of the defining artists of country, but it goes beyond that.

  • Yes, future generations will remember Johnny Cash.

    Yes, future generations will remember Johnny Cash because he was one of the best musicians of all time. His songs will stay with us for centuries because he was able to capture human emotions so well. He is one of the few musicians who is timeless and we will hear his music forever.

  • Yes, they will.

    Future generations are sure to remember Johnny Cash for his music and his personality. Ring of Fire is a classic song, and it will live on for many years. He is sure to inspire more biopics in the future and much like people remember Elvis, the Beatles, Mozart, and many other muscians, he will be remembered.

  • No, They Will Not

    As much as I hate to say it, Johnny Cash will not be remembered. The people today are moving on and making new songs, that they hope to be better than another. Although, he had many classic songs such as, "Ring of Fire" or his cover of "Hurt" he won't be remember. In the future, people will hear a song on a old radio or something and say, "Who's that?' "I don't know, Saffron... But its ok.. Seems very old." I don't think so.

    - I'm not really the greatest writer, if you could tell,,,,,,,

  • It's the new generation

    No, although there are a lot of artists that will never be forgotten like The Beatles, or Michael Jackson, nowadays Johnny Cash isn't well known. Because there aren't a lot of people who are necessarily listening to Johnny Cash right now, the future wouldn't remember his music. So no the future won't remember Johnny Cash.

  • He is forgettable.

    Future generations will remember the icons. Examples of icons are Michael Jackson or the Beatles. In order to be memorable for generations you have to be a phenomena. Johnny Cash doesn't rise to that level. A few young people here and there might know one or two of his songs, but he just doesn't have the staying power that the most famous musicians have.

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