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Jon Stewart continues in comedy: Was Jon Stewart the best host of The Daily Show?

  • The best so far

    There's only been three hosts of the daily show, and Stewart led the show significantly longer than his predecessor or Trevor Noah, so it makes sense Stewart was the best. He had many years to craft his onscreen persona and his attacks on the Right and cable news. If Noah holds the helm for a decade, then there might be some comparison, but right now, Stewart is the best by far.

  • Jon Stewart was the ultimate Daily Show host.

    Most people will always associate the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He made the show what it is today. It was his baby. I'm sure he will still be successful in comedy, as he is a wonderful comedian. I doubt the Daily Show will ever be the same since his departure. Many other talk shows were never quite the same when a well loved host leaves.

  • He is over-rated.

    I have never been a big fan of Jon Stewart. He was humorous sometimes on The Daily Show, but I think that his performances often feel forced instead of natural. He seems more interested in pushing his own political agenda than trying to keep all of his viewers and audience members entertained.

  • No, this is a personal choice.

    If you are not familiar with Jon Stewart he was host for nearly 17 years. This single factor indicates he was certainly a favorite among the majority. Whether this was my particular choice for favorite or not, I put forth that all hosts are liked or disliked among the watchers in general. This statement would hold true of all shows and includes The Daily Show.

    To pick a single favorite host would dishonor the others, however, to show great affection for one over others is to be respected.

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