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  • They can be

    But, You know, Being selfish isn't automatically a bad thing. I mean, You can be selfish without bothering other people. Also, Just because a loner isn't around other people, Doesn't necessarily mean they're also preventing other people from giving others company and stuff. Again, Yeah, They can be selfish, But not always selfish in a bad way.

  • Maybe some, But not all.

    You can be a loner and still want to help others out. Even when I had no friends to speak of, All I wanted in the world was to make other people happy. While I now have quite a few friends, I'm exactly as generous as I was then. No more, No less.

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Elfman says2018-09-09T13:20:18.760
No I Believe loners are better people as they keep to themselves don’t stir up trouble don’t harass people they’ve learned it’s best to keep to themselves as there is much evil in the world and you can’t trust anyone or anything besides it’s a more peaceful quiet existence no hassles no having to deal with constant BS or judgements from others opinions of yourself living on the outside of life not going along with the norm society wishes

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