• Math is easy, English is not.

    I've always had a fondness of math and a pure love of it but with English I've always failed no matter how much i try. I can't comprehend English and why people love it. Math is fun and its exciting to do equations and prove how your solution is better then another person and theirs is wrong. When dealing with English it just isn't exciting and not very useful to me. Writing math is also way easier, I've had to use spell check on this like 20 times but with math i'm never wrong and i don't make mistakes, It's just too easy.

  • Math is easy

    I do not know what to say, But I absolutely love math and I think that it's amazing, And even though i like ELA as well, I definitely prefer doing math. Also, I think this website should not ask for a supporting argument and headline, Even though the headline is true.

  • People think they know English. . .

    . . . So don't try as hard to get it right- they rely on colloquialisms and spoken grammatical forms not realising that they are different to written forms. As a result of this, Students need to change their automatic use of English in order to improve which is much harder than learning new rules and improving your ability in Maths.

  • Math is objective.

    The rules of math are constant and unchanging. 2+2 has/will always equaled 4 and 8 X 3 has/will always equal 24. The English language, On the other hand, Is subjective. If I take a plane to Joe's house, Could mean that I have a toy plane I took to my neighbor Joe or that I flew/flew in a plane to visit Joe far away. Because it is a mixture of other languages, Rules on spelling, Pronunciation, And use depend on the language of origin. Because words tend to very meaning with use, It makes it harder to convey an accurate thought. Just look at legal documents that are pages long to explain relatively simple agreements.

  • Although English is a wide subject but simple

    Mathematics is a complex subject you have to solve for a particular variable and another before getting the result. English language is used widely everywhere and everyday, So for a student who uses English language everyday English language will be easier to pass than mathematics. English language is very straight forward

  • Math is (or should be) conceptual.

    Given the topic as stated, I could easily argue that English is more difficult. . . Grammar can be challenging, Obviously. "More easier? " Yikes! If math is taught conceptually in the early years, Children would have a deeper understanding of numbers. Once a young mind grasps what groups are, What "parts" are, Why place value is important to ALL math concepts (this word is important! ), Math will be less challenging for them to become adults who truly understand math - not just people who "do" math.

  • English is just as hard as Maths

    If you think about it, Each person has their own skills and different strengths. Some people are math and science people, Who understand technical and logic things, And others are more emotive thinkers who find that their answers come from their personal beliefs and opinions. It depends what kind of thinker you are and how your brain interprets different things. :)

  • Because your familey cares about you more than your friend does most likely

    You are part of that family they are blood related because there people in your family your friend is supports to be some one s there for you but your family is some one who feeds you supports you does what a friend does but just does it better!

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