Mental illness should be an excuse for violent crimes.

  • Mental health is important

    Mental health is importnant. If something bad is involuntarily done maybe it is not what they would do if they were conscious. We should rehabilitate them so they can be themselves and be aware of what they are doing. We shouldn’t forget that they didn’t ask for this either.

  • Fuck it, Why not?

    I commit crimes, Such as theft, Attempting to murder Donald trump and David Cameron and speeding on the highway and making GTA V turn into real life (or even the Simpsons hit and run). All of this was due
    to the fact that i had been kidnapped and beaten by the infamous Mr Sapp. This gave me PTSD and all I can see are martians, Just like Phil Swift

  • This is obviously true

    People who have mental issues have an impaired ability to understand and control their actions. The acts they do may be immoral, But they are not, Regardless of what they do, Even if it does harm or kill someone else. These people should be put in a center where they can receive safety and help, Not a jail where they are punished for crimes they are not fully responsible for.

  • I don't really know

    So i think you should be excused if your like insane or you don't have control over your own body, Or your mind can't think straight. Cause they are technically not of sound mind at least that is how i think about it but don't mind me i don't really know anything

  • They deserve equal punishment

    Lets say someone with a mental illness kills your child or your sibling or something. I don't care what mental illness they have, Or if they even understood their actions, They deserve the worst punishment we can give them. Because regardless of their mental state, They commited crime and deserve the corresponding punishment.

  • Um no sweetie try again

    If you or a person you know has a mental illness you should be trying to get help. Just because a school shooter has a mental illness doesn't mean he gets off fine. The person of the crime with a mental illness should go to jail yet have help for their mental illness. Just because you have a mental illness does not mean you should not get a punishment.

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