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Miley Cyrus stands out in eccentric attire. Do Americans care too much about fashion?

  • Fashion is focused on too much

    Americans clearly focus on fashion too much. They idolize celebrities and at any event must know who they are wearing and then many desperately go out to get that exact item. Fashion is the first thing we see on people and in America, children are bullied for not having the right clothes. It is too much of an obsession and it serves no purpose.

  • Yes, they do.

    Fashion changes much more rapidly than it ever did before and with the widespread availability of cheap and fashionable clothes it is much easier for people to change thier wardrobe frequently. As a result, many Americans care way too much about fashion and are much too concerned with their appearance.

  • Yes, but not just Americans.

    Americans definitely care too much about fashion, but it's not as much an American problem as a human problem. Humans are superficial and shallow. We care way too much about outward appearance, and the fashion industry benefits from this fundamental flaw. It is despicable that we criticize celebrities for wearing the same outfit in public more than once when there are people in the world who only own one outfit.

  • No, American do not care too much about fashion.

    No, Americans do not care too much about fashion. Americans care too much about image, and fashion is just a small par of that. Miley Cyrus looks ridiculous the majority of the time she's seen in public, but that is part of her personal brand. She is actually a very talnted young lady once you look past the crazy clothing. America is known for cherrypicking other cultures for fashion trends and making casual sportswear popular, but that is about the extent of America's fashion prowess.

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