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  • Depends on the model

    It varies dramatically from model to model. Now for most cars i would probaly say no, but for sports cars er yes. Now obviously they are only as fast as the driver wants to go, but unless you are using it in a race, or on the autobanh, i see no point in having a car that can do say 200 mph when pretty much all speed limits are way lower than this! What it CAN do is encourage risk taking as some may take it for a race to thrill seek...Sometimes with disasterous results.

  • Modern cars don go to fast

    Cars like moderns don´t go that fast! They only go as fast as a lambo. Lamdo´s go up to 230MPH. Modern´s go 5. This isn´t a really good debate because a a aaaaa aa a a a a aa a a a aa a aa a a aa a a

  • Are you kidding me?

    Today's cars are too slow. We need cars to become our helpers not distractions. And why are you interested in banning "too fast" cars? Are you a totalitarian socialist like Bernie Sanders? Well then, if you want to ban things, go to North Korea they have taken it too a higher level, no cars at all!

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