Museums Should Return Artifacts To Their Countries of Origin

  • Yeah, They should return it to their Countries of Origin.

    Why? First of all, Tel's define Artifact. It is an object made by a human being, Typically one of cultural or historical interest. It is a symbol of one's country's culture and history. This will remind the people in that country, "Hey, This is our history. This is our culture. " This way, The culture and the history will be enhanced. It won't fade away.

    Now, Some might say: Oh, But it is needed in the museums to inform others about a certain country's culture and history. I highly disagree on this one. For it is possible to educate others about a certain culture without an original artifact right before their eyes. It can be done with a simple picture, Hologram, Or, Much better, A Replica.

    Now, If you disagree, Reply.

  • History is the Property of the Winners

    To the victor goes the spoils, And as the victor wishes. Oppressed peoples, Are the losers of History, And deserve no mercy, No tears, No repayment, No looking back. If one can, On a personal level or as an Empire say, "what's yours is mine, And I'll take it", Then, It's relativist at best, To shoot a 'why? ' back. Only fighters win in this world, And only the strong survive. "Deserve", Is CAN. This is based upon might. And might, To tweak that one, Makes It Able To Say What Is Right.

    Maybe if we're invaded or we get that dictatorship, You'll learn.

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