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  • That's how it works in MLB

    In the MLB, the fans vote on who they want to see play in the All-Star game. It gives the fans a chance to have a say in the game. There are some players who are chosen by the coaches, but otherwise it's all up to the fans. It's a great idea to have it this way for the NBA as well.

  • Yes, fans should pick the NBA All Stars.

    Yes, fans are the backbone of the NBA's support system. They are certainly qualified for the task. Some fans know more about their favorite NBA players than they know about their own families. Fans spend lots of money at the concessions stands and for the stadium parking lots. They buy the merchandise that includes their favorite t-shirts, footwear, athletic gear, and even the key chains dangling from the ignition switches of their cars. The NBA must remember that the fans drive the game with their money and deafening noises in the stadiums, bars, and living rooms.

  • No, they should not.

    If fans selected the NBA- all stars it would be silly and chaotic. Some terrible players would end up in the game because they are fan favorites. It would end up being a silly contest that would become a mockery of what it had once been and no one would watch it.

  • No, it turns the All Star Game into a popularity contest.

    No, fans should not select the NBA All Stars. The All Star team is supposed to be reserved for those who have been the best at their position throughout the season. However, when fans select the All Star team, it turns it into a popularity contest. NBA players and journalists should select the team, as they are more likely to award it to those who actually deserve it the most.

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