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Nowadays, Do you think we should start a war against Germany again?

Asked by: oonalaurence2002
  • Yes absolutely its very necessary that we should do this

    Me, Personally my nationality is thai/german. But eventhough i hate german people simply because of what they have done to me. My dad is german but my mom is Thai.

    I grew up in an environment full of racist german shit people. My dad abusd me both mentally and physically when i was a young and he just abandon me. He just left me to stay with my mom alone and no longer support me financially.

    Not only that, Worst than that i was being bullied by racist german peers. They bullied me simply because i am asian and that i am not white.

    German people even nowadays are inherently white supremacy, Racist, Xenophoblic, And anti semitistic.

    I did experienced this everyday in my daily life.

    Some people argue that the Holocaust was not germans fault because merely they knew absolutely nothing about the massacre. Yes its true, No offence, They didn't knew anything about the holocaust.

    But you must not forget that they germans did indeed elect Hitler as their supreme leader and even admire his charisma and ideology.

    Anti-semitism was widespread in europe but where did it intially start? In Germany right?

    Lastly, German people are to blame for decreasing of jewish population today. Today there are only 6 million jews left. But before WW2, There are 36 million jews.

    Jewish people are virtually nearly to extinct because their almost all of their ancestors were being murdered during Nazi era.

    Fuck Germans. Yes and nowadays we should start a war against germans for a better world. For peace. For the sake of our humanity.

  • Yes, We absolutely should

    Hey guys. My name is Oonalaurence. I am an 16 years old american actress and i have two younger sister jete and aimee laurence. They are both actress as well. Jete laurence played in the movie pet sematary, I am not sure if you guys watch the movie already but it's a horror movie.

    But however my family really hate germans because we think germans are our worst enemy. Do you guys already forgot about the Holocaust? The massacre of millions of jews and other ethnics groups?

    It was prepatrated merely by germans and even nowadays many german people still admire nazis and hitler. I know this because i used to live in germany before a years ago. I saw people yelling Heil hitler, And swatikas being painted all over the walls.

    Shame on f***ing Germans.

    At best we should built a nuclear weapon to nuke germany so that the whole population totally wipe out.

    I can't believe that american and germans are now allies. Guys, They used to be our biggest enemy and threat during the WW2.

  • Germany is an oppressive country

    We need to start a war against Germany so that we can get rid of their government and free their people. The government takes money from people so that they can spend it on their programs. This is not able to be justified from either a utilitarian or a deontological viewpoint.

  • If you want to stop North Korea then yes

    Italy actually fought Germany in World war 2 look at the second Italo Ethiopian war. Japan also fought Germany in the 1930s look at the Korean war https://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/Korean_War Germany and India is on North Koreas side
    Principal Allied Powers:

    British Empire
    United States[c]
    Associated Allies and co-belligerents:

    Nejd and Hasa

  • There's no need

    Germany is a democratic nation, And is not invading its neighbors like it did in the 30s and 40s.

    And anyway, If Germany were to be invaded again, Then what changes would be needed? They're already democratic and the military is already reduced heavily. It's highly illogical.

    But I do support Germany having no military restrictions since as a result of many decades of democratic influence, Nazis are highly stigmatized there. Also, A lot of Germans are ashamed of being "German", Which is taking it too far since you don't have to hate your own identity due to what the past generations did. Do Englishmen need to hate themselves for what they did to Ireland? Do the Russians need to hate themselves for what they did to many of its neighbors?

  • No they are an old lion with no teeth

    They lost two world wars and even with advance German engineering they lost. Even if they still bear resentment they will lose. The biggest threats I see are China and Russia. They are becoming too powerful and they are harsh on everyone. I hope to avoid a war because young men have to do the fighting and they leave sisters and mother behind.
    The economy tanks and the war industry complex wins. I wish man would stop being violent and instead learn to share with one another and respect others.

  • Who Likes War?

    Germany fought in WWI and WWII. Due to this they suffered mightily. There is no winner in war. There is only death. U. S. Would not only fight Germany but the world. Germany is part of the EU, U. N. And NATO. Fighting with them would go against allies, And organizations. No one should like war.

  • Germany is not even close to our primary problem

    Germany should not be on our list of top 20 places to worry about much less attack without provocation. I believe that this is a dumb argument because unless they do something terrible to provoke us once more nothing is going to happen between us and Germany. This is an ignorant argument overall because another war with Germany isn't going to come into fruition unless something drastic happens.

  • Absolutely Not, We Should Not Attack Germany

    Stop living in the past. Attacking Germany brings absolute no benefits to anyone, Anywhere, Whatsoever. Nowadays, Germany is actually one of the driving economic forces of Europe. They have gone as far as to attempt to create better relationships with other countries and paint over their dark past. I mean, Think about it for a few seconds. If America or any other military power started arming themselves against Germany, What argument would you have to defend this arming with? You hate Germans? There needs to be a stronger political reason than that. Declaring war on a country that has gone way past it's past is completely and utterly illogical.

  • Germany is the core of the modern Europe

    Seriously, Germany has always been important for Europe and she is getting more important for Europe with each day passing by. The German economy is the largest and the healthiest in Europe and possibly in the world. The government just had an excess budget which they couldn't allocate. The nation also supports desperate nations such as the overspending and unproductive Greece. Nobody should forget how intertwined the EU economy is at the moment. And the unity of the EU depends on the Franco-German cooperation. If we attack Germany we either leave the crushed economies of Italy, Spain and Greece and let those nations suffer, Or we get a continent which is united against the US.

    Anyone that would think that a country which attacks Germany can get international support is a bloody moron. We're talking about a nation which didn't attack anyone for the last 74 years but instead abandoned isolationism and started the most peaceful era Europe has ever seen. The expansionist ideas of Germany and France are halted thanks to the high cooperation within the EU and thus both of the nations did not engage in a major conflict since the Korean war and did not attack a major nation since the WW2. Unlike us, They were able to put their differences aside and create peace while we were (and still) supporting the expansionist terrorist organisations such as Irkud which figuratively conquered Israeli government and shed blood in the Middle East ever since. It wasn't Germany either who initiated or supported decades long wars and conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Vietnam, Syria and Nicaragua.

    If we keep thinking that US is the leader of the world who has the right to correct nations and how the world is ruled by them, We will be the ones who will be attacked and we won't find anyone to cover our backs. If there's one country who took the place of the German Reich and it's ideologies, Sorry gentlemen but's it's us the Americans.

  • No because Germany is not the problem.

    The holocaust is a Jewish lie that only serves to further promote the Jewish people and Israel. All we have is postwar testimony, Mostly of individual "survivors. " Very few claim to have witnessed any "gassing" and there are no contemporaneous documents or hard evidence: No mounds of ashes, No crematories capable of disposing of millions of corpses, Human soap, Lamp shades and no credible demographic statistics.

    It helps protect Jews as a group from criticism. As a kind of secular
    religion, It provides an emotional bond between Jews and their leaders. It is a powerful tool in Jewish money-raising campaigns, And is used to justify US aid to Israel in which billions of tax dollars are given.

    In March 1933, International Jewish organizations declared an
    international boycott of German goods. Newspapers around the world reported this. A front-page headline in the London Daily Express (March 24, 1933), For example, Announced
    “Judea Declares War on Germany. ”

    A war with Germany is pointless because Israel is the real problem and cause of ALL problems in this world.

  • Not for the reasons most people think.

    We should start a war with Israel. After WWI, Germany realised Communists and the Jewish people were intertwined. Germany also realised that the spoils of war which higher-up Jews from UK wanted was Israel (ref. Balfour Declaration). A bevy of Zionist Jews took advantage of Churchill's bankruptcy and had his people fight Germans on the false pretense that Germans were grabbing land. They [Jews] also pushed for a worldwide boycott of Germany according to American media, Which thrusted us into war with Germany in the pretext that Germans were resisting the banking cartels running the nation to the ground.

    Germany is no longer salvageable and they are overburdened with reparations paying for the price of resisting their internationalist bankers. The only true solution is a war with Israel. What would be the pretext for Americans? Americans have an abusive relationship with Israel. Israel has stolen technology, Committed treason, Killed Americans deliberately for a false flag (ref. USS Liberty), Aided the terrorist attacks on 9/11, And constantly deny not only their involvement, But their malevolent intent. If you think the Holocaust, Which was cited and warned about in newspapers for several decades even before 1940s, The Holodomor, Or the Ukrainian genocide, As well as Communist driven deaths account for over 60 to 100 million people.

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smokey0990 says2019-07-02T21:03:01.283
Is there an unwritten rule that only spammers and morons can vote on opinions? I can't think of anything else to explain this level of stupid.
oonalaurence2002 says2019-07-03T10:06:59.297
Dude, The main reason that why i create this debate merely because i want to incite public hatred and prejudice toward german people.

I want more people to vote on this. I want more people to vote yes. I want more people to hate german people.

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