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Oscar winner Brie Larson to play Captain Marvel: Should a female play the Captain Marvel role?

  • Yes, time for female superheroes

    The world of superheroes, especially in a post-Marvel universe comic book movie world, is crying out for more prominent, female superheroes. The uproar after a comparatively poor showing in action figures and merchandise for Black Widow and Rey from Star Wars proves that there is a public demand for this.

  • If that's the way it is.

    If a character in the comic book is female then there should be no question about it. When it comes to comic books there are so many different incarnations of characters it really should not matter at this point. I personally think we could use more strong female comic book characters on the big screen and Brie Larson would be an excellent choice because that girl can do anything, she is truly amazing.

  • Yes, they can cast who they want,

    The Marvel Cinematic universe is a universe of it's own (Earth-199999) so it can pretty much change an adapt as much as it likes. Just like the Ultimate Universe comics did. They can cast who they want, but I just wish Hollywood would stop churning out superhero films. Total lack of imagination or innovation.

  • Brie Larson miscast as Captain Marvel

    A female should not be cast to play Captain Marvel. Although Brie Larson is very talented, it takes away from the original story line. His alter ego is a 12 year old boy. The character is well-recognized already, ranking as one of the top superheroes of all time. A female character can be created for a different superhero.

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