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Parents still have right to control they children below 18 years old. Yes or No?

  • Still young and need guide from parents

    Based on law, Children below 18 years still under parents responsibility. But it will different with others country. They still need guide from parents. It does mean children must follow what parents said. Parents will help children to give idea and suggestion but depends to children make decision. Children have lack of experience and knowledge about life become an adult. That why parents still have right to control until 18 years old

  • No Person Has the Right to Control Anyone Else

    No one can control anyone else. Everyone is their own individual person, No matter the age. Children are people, Deserving of the same rights as adults. Their age makes no difference. They have opinions, Just like you. If you want them to act like adults, Starting treating them as adults. You have no control over them. They are just as human as you. Many people say that they are young and because of that, They are less deserving of rights. Everyone is deserving of the same rights. You chose to have them, They owe you nothing. They are not your doll or your slave. They will be themselves and you have to let them. They have no obligation to you. Adults make just as many dumb decisions. Do you they punish themselves? Of course not, Because they're above that, Aren't they? But kids, They don't deserve any power because I made them! A child's age does not matter. THEY control their own lives and you control yours, But they are not your slave and have no right to treat them that way.

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