• At least understand what is "gender" vs "sex".

    This argument is not pro or con to transgender, But simply point out, Gender is by definition "socially constructed" set of traits and thus not biologically assigned, While "sex" is biologically objective. Unfortunately, At the time of writing, The con side arguments consist of only comments from people who don't seem to understand the difference, And missing the point.

    Https://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/Gender
    https://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/Sex

  • Just respect people!

    There are many transgender and nonbinary people in the world. From a young age, People feel gender dysphoria/gender incongruence when it comes to their assigned sex at birth, So they may transition to the gender that they most identify with. This has been scientifically proven to be possible, And it's not hurting you in any way. Just respect people's pronouns and gender identity, It's not that hard!

  • Yes. I still think there are only two sexes. Male and female. But you can't argue with definitions.

    Sooo. By reading the comments here, Gender is not sex. Gender is like the mask behind your sex (I think? ).
    Why not? It overall makes citizens happier with no downside. Their sex will stay the same, But their mask/social norms changes. People should be able to be themselves, And with no downsides and an upside, There's no point of not allowing this.

    The arguments against it can be uno reversed

    "You are the gender you are born with at birth and no matter what you can’t change it! "
    -The fact that you can't change it is what we are debating. You can't argue with literal definitions of gender. (It's not sex)

    "He goes on to believe he is a cat but everyone around him knows he isn't a cat and they call him crazy and delusional how is this any different from a girl saying I'm a boy now, That's the thing its not different. If you think you can just change your gender however you like then you need to mental help now! "
    -what. You *can* say you're suddenly a boy. You might be frowned upon, But you can. This debate isn't to argue if its sane, It's to argue if its allowed.

    "Sorry to hurt your precious feelings, But there are only TWO genders. "
    -Yes, But there's no harm in choosing between them.

    "Choosing your gender is absurd, & can be easily exploited to create false IDs & used in other various criminal activity. "
    -ID's have a choice of choosing trans gender. Sex is also recorded if necessary. If the government notices that criminals are using this, Sex can be made mandatory on ids. (this is the only argument that is good. Thank you. )

    "If Gender is separate from sex then why do transgenders feel the need to change their appearance, Mannerisms, Dress and some times even their genitals? "
    -No clue. Ask them. But the definition is that they are different.

    "Subjective feelings do not create facts"
    -In response to the entire argument, The point is that the definitions are unclear and the debate is pointless. Can't argue against that lol.

    "You chemically castrate yourself with hormones. "
    -Sex is different from gender. Gender, Again, Is like that Halloween costume in the garage. It doesn't hurt you to change it.

    "I believe your gender is predetermined before birth as you develop men are naturally stronger than women but women can be stronger"
    -Gender (by definition) isn't biological. It's your mask.

    "No point to it"
    -I agree

    Don't get me wrong. I personally don't care if its allowed or not. It's actually more convenient for the gov if its disallowed.
    the other side's arguments are irrelevant. Arguing against the definition isn't a good point. You should say, Like, It could cause confusion (like one person) or something that has to do with a utilitarian good for average citizen/bad.

    So basically I spent like 10 minutes arguing for this side just because the other side's arguments aren't that good.

  • We the people have the right to free will.

    People have the right to control their own destiny as well as how they want to live their lives. Which includes gender. Otherwise we would suffer because we are forced to live a life that is not our own aka enslavement. Independent control and freedom of choice which includes choosing your own gender, Is a human right, And is needed for humanity to remain free. Even so, People are gonna do it anyway despite conservative disapproval.

  • Only thinking people say Yes

    Without religion poisoning the minds of people, This question would be as controversial as eating a Snickers bar on break.

    There are many problems in our country and this world that only exist because of religion, And gender identity is one of these unnecessary problems

    The most scientifically illiterate are religious, This is easier to prove than 2 + 2 = 4

    There is nothing more despicable than ignorance in action - Goethe

    Religion provides a wealth of ignorance to the hoi polloi, And when that ignorance flares up, We don't create cakes in our Colorado shop, We deny marriage certificates in Kentucky, We try to pass laws to control a womans life once a sperm enters her egg.

    We fight verifiable science, That doesnt agree with our religions claims that we are dust and rib creations

    We terrify, Abuse and disown our own children if we find out they love someone not approved by our religious literature

    We do not approve of people living their own lives and identifying themselves as something we don't like or truly understand

    We terrify children with ideas and images of the boogeyman in a hot place

    We deny our child life saving healthcare, In order to attempt to cure our child with telepathic and/or verbal communication attempts with a supernatural being

    We become satisfied not really understanding our universe, Life and morality because we believe we have all the answers in our bronze age literature

    We simply say and do unfair and wicked things, That we wouldnt say or do without religion.

    If someone can name a moral statement made, Or moral action taken by a believer, That could not or has not been done by a non believer, I will concede

    Until then, Religion provides mankind with nothing of any significant importance, While at the same time providing unfairness, And stupidity, That we would not have if religion was not around in the 21st century

  • Chromosomes don't actually equal gender

    Many transphobes will justify their beliefs with the "take a basic biology class" argument, Which is why they automatically crawl deeper into their echo chamber. This argument is incorrect. Neuroscience, As in science pertaining to the brain and how it behaves is not a basic biology class, It's a very complicated subject. While chromosomes decide your genitalia, They don't decide your gender. Gender is given by a part of the brain. The biggest argument for this is intersex people. While their chromosomes are unusual, And not XX, XY, They usually identify as either male of female. If "Chromosomes equal gender" was a valid argument, They'd identify as something entirely in between. Therefore we can conclude someone's gender is assigned by their brain. I encourage you: take a more complicated biology class instead of arguing against medical professionals just because when you were 12 you learned about chromosomes

  • Gender Identity is NOT biological! Stop confusing gender and sex.

    If a person has XX chromosomes they are female and if they have XY chromosomes they are male. Male and female is the sex! It is what you are born with!

    Gender on the other hand, Is the their role in society. Half of the people on this thread do not know the difference between sex and gender so, PLEASE do your homework on the topicbefore forming an opinion on said topic.

    YES, People should be allowed to select their gender because that enables them to choose their social roles in society. It is Completely their choice.

  • Gender is not sex, Nor is it concrete, So identifying as a specific gender is relatively harmless.

    Many people argue that people should not be able to change their gender, As that is equivalent to being 20 and "identifying as 70", Or being healthy and "identifying as disabled". What these arguments fail to realize is that identifying as a specific age or health condition directly changes the way that society factually views you. 70-year-olds might receive retirement benefits that should not be given reasonably to a 20-year-old, For example, As they are not factually 70. In the case of gender, As it is associated with a set of mannerisms, Behaviors, And stereotypes that have been traditionally PAIRED with sex, It is not concrete such as traits like age and weight. Comparably, You cannot receive specific government benefits or be recognized differently (legally) by having a certain gender.

    As a result of these very minimal and generally harmless affects that "identifying" as a certain gender can have on a given person, I do not see any reason that a person should not be able to choose their gender. If gender happens to change the legal, Governmental, Or concrete status of a human being, Then I may rework my opinion, Although no sources have indicated that to me so far.

    I do agree that forced "transgender agendas" on young kids as well as harmful hormone supplements and surgery are certainly NOT beneficial and can be very detrimental in some cases, Although those do not really relate to gender.

  • Yes they should maybe

    Yeah so people choosing their gender so they can be who they want to be instead of being forced to be someone they don't want to be with all the gender roles and stereotypes. Choosing gender in real life so one second they are one gender and instantly the next second they are the complete opposite gender lol. Or in videogames choosing gender so they can try out what its like to be someone different instead of the stereotypical male only characters.

  • Born This Way

    You are the gender you are born with at birth and no matter what you can’t change it! When people even tru to change their gender they commit suicide form all the new hormones. It is a scientific fact. You are beautiful just the way you are. You are born this way!

  • You can't choose your gender

    Its like a boy saying I'm a cat now, Treat me like a cat for the rest of my life. He goes on to believe he is a cat but everyone around him knows he isn't a cat and they call him crazy and delusional how is this any different from a girl saying I'm a boy now, That's the thing its not different. If you think you can just change your gender however you like then you need to mental help now!

  • No, Of course not. Why is this even a thing?

    Sorry to hurt your precious feelings, But there are only TWO genders. (That's 1+1). Male & Female. Choosing your gender is absurd, & can be easily exploited to create false IDs & used in other various criminal activity. On a biological standpoint, There are male & female for most complex life forms on this planet, Including human (obviously). It makes no biological, Scientific, Or religious sense for there to be more than man & woman.

  • I don't agree people should be able to choose their gender.

    I don't need to explain anything because of a few people already explain other comments.
    I believe it should be a man and a woman, Not the other way around. If you are a man then you are a man if you are a woman then you are a woman. Case clothes.

  • Subjective feelings do not create facts

    The concept of gender as a social construct is an argument proposed in the 1950's and promoted in the 1960's and 70's under the banner of eradicating the SOCIAL differences between men and women, Particularly gender roles in the home and workplace. The argument that gender is a social construct, Was never conceived to relate to actually eradicating SEX, Which is a biological reality around which the gender framework was built. As such, There was never a contention that SEX roles were a social construct. The post 2015 concept conflates the argument of gender as a social construct (and therefore "fluid"), With SEX as also being "fluid". Yet, At least as recently as 2003 UNESCO could still define as science the GENDER roles as pre-fixed upon Male-Female binary constructs. There are so many logical problems with the "trans-gender" argument that it beggars belief there is debate. The construction L (female binary), G ( male binary), B (twin binary)

    and T ( trans-gender itself - binary) involves moving from M-F, Or F-M, Or possibly back again. Persons rendering themselves as "androgynous" are only presenting as such based on internal subjective feeling - they do not have a scientific classification.

    Then the same movement argues that gender fluidity is also a scientifically supported reality, Having started from the position that "gender" is a "social" construct.

    In other words, An entirely illogical, Incoherent, Duplicitous, Unsupported, Subjective set of arguments which are "fluid"

  • Gender at birth

    Im short and im a guy, I can go to people and say i identify as tall but it won't change my height. If gender is an inherent trait we possess then we can't change it just because we wish for it very hard and a shooting star happens to be passing by.

    I don't want to make this too long but to leave a few points. If Gender is separate from sex then why do transgenders feel the need to change their appearance, Mannerisms, Dress and some times even their genitals? If gender is purely a set of societal values and sex is purely biological/sexual features then no transgender should feel the need to "transition" physically.

    Food for thought

  • Gender identity is biological

    XX or XY. That is what you get. Obviously that dose not mean you have to be a macho man or some Martha Stewart, You are free to do as you please. A man can be a nurse or cook or even cut hair. A woman can be a scientist or a doctor or a politician.

    Changing your sex is not right. You are hurting your own body. An anorexic girl believes she is fat and hurts herself. A man who believes he is a woman will hurt himself. The only difference is that gender transition is celebrated.

    You chemically castrate yourself with hormones. Taking hormones are very dangerous and will leave lasting effect and can make you infertile. A woman change herself into a man because she was rape and believe that if she was a man she would feel better. She became a man but it only made things worse for her and she used to be beautiful but became ugly. Those people who are trans that look beautiful are lying to you. They needed extensive and expensive cosmetic surgery and suffer from problems.

    And the worst part is that they love to chemically castrate children. They want 3 year olds to choose their genders when children can change opinions in a snap. "I like red, Two minutes later I do not like red. " Those sick people will forever doom a child and forever alter something.

    They are like anorexic people they need body positivity to learn to love their bodies not to hate it. This is not about sexual orientation this is about permanent body mutilation.

  • Grow a brain

    Hello yes I have a brain my IQ is 124 I believe your gender is predetermined before birth as you develop men are naturally stronger than women but women can be stronger
    Women are quite durable when it comes to the fact they can survive giving birth
    Men aren't really invested in fitting in with everyone
    women tend to be into fashion and try very hard to fit in am I saying everyone is like that?
    No, You are you be who you want to be but all I am saying is you are either a boy or girl and you can't change that if you hate being a boy? Well, You can't just get up and say I have decided to change also guess you don't want biological child unless your bi or gay I guess in that case I do not know?

  • It is not possible

    First of all you are born the way you are meant to be. These people that identify as a male and are born female or vise versa do not have a clue. Simple questions that should set it straight once and for all.
    1. If you are born male and identify as a female, Can you give birth or do you have a period? If you answer no, You are a male. If you are a female and identify as a male, Can you father a child? If you answer no, You are female! DEAL WITH IT!

  • Yes and No

    Yes, Adults should have the right to do as they feel (so long as they as not using public benefits to obtain medically unnecessary treatment). However, Minors should not be allowed to receive medically unnecessary treatments until adulthood — and a parent should have the right to demand that the minor is called by their legal name, And treated in accordance with their biological gender

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MyacronymissimplyCEE says2019-12-21T17:14:29.690
As with nearly every "choice" posed on here, It isn't that easy. One "chooses" one's quintessential "I go into This bathroom", Much like one chooses one's MONOPOLY token. You pick the top hat or the cannon or the little terrier dog because you like the image, But they are avatars you utilize for purposes. Playing the game at hand. Once won or lost, The token ceases to be anything to do with 'you'. So, "choice" really means "the secret life", Expressed as of Old. . . And That risks jeer, Bullying, Injury or Death. There's a Hilary Swank movie that says it all.

The Q is not "am I/should I be permitted to say This Is What I Am? " It's "can Society be made totalitarian enough so that it fake-appears open enough, I can Be XYZ, And come to no harm? " NO. . . . But, Again, I commented, Because the Q, Like nearly all, Here, Was framed incorrectly, And its parameters are, As a result, Too broad.
smokey0990 says2020-01-01T12:14:46.913
I'm not voting as the arguments on both sides are too stupid for me to choose. However gender and sex are the same thing the technical definition of gender and gender identity were recently changed. Try looking up the words in an actual dictionary instead of wikipedia and you would know that. A small minority changed the definition of the words to suit their political opinions. Thing is reality doesn't give a shit what you call it a man is a man and a woman is a woman. Reality does not change to suit your feelings and it never will.

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