People should post videos of hot girls getting spanked on black and white nike tempo shorts

  • People should post hot girls getting spanked on black and white nike tempo shorts

    Yes they should be spanked on their black and white nike tempo shorts without underwear on because it hurts like hell they should be paddle caned strapped whipped belted they will hate it they will need 2000 swatts over their black and white nike tempo shorts I love black and white nike tempo shorts I want to own 2000 pairs

  • With or without shorts, Better without bare bums a best

    I;m a teacher and we are still allowed to paddle at our high school. Mostly girls who miss behave and deserve a good smack on their hot bots. I pull girls up all the time and give them detention and if they want to get out early they can cum to my office and get a good spanking. I will sometimes pull their shorts down or skirts up and not use the paddle I think it is too cruel. I like to whack them with my bare hand on a bare buittocks. Some girls have been caught smoking so they know they have to go through this humiliating spanking session. I lay them accross my knees and just le their posteriors stick out and slowly start smacking them. I have been doing this for decades and I am sure some of the reasons it has been banned is due to the missuse of this form of punishment. The girls are so emmbarrassed I think hitting them hard is not needed butt it does feel good. After 20 mins I see they are red and sore I quickly apply some soothing balm and rub it in and toss them off and send them home. It is incredibly hard for me when i do this butt I have cum to the realization they are never going to learn and some girls just think it is a joke and play up and missbehave anyway knowing all they have to do is lay accross my lap and let be spank their cute butts.

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