Phones are meant for communication, Not fidgeting

  • Have you been noticing that smartphones have been a distraction to some people? (well you have but that's not my point)

    Alexander and Antonio invented the phone for one reason, Communication. Phones have been a form of communication for many decades. But the thing is as that as they continued evolving, Now there are apps, Some that can distract students from schoolwork. I overheard one of my classmates (who I'm not naming) that said he was able to finish up his work when his smartphone got took away from him for a while. He said he thinks it's his phone that's distracting him, And I agree. Most people go on their phones because of social media, Or maybe they're not turning off their notifications. And that makes phones a very common thing to fidget with. Why were smartphones made a thing? To be honest that probably made phones a more common thing to fidget with, AND A DISTRACTION. All of this is coming from a guy who doesn't have a phone yet and if I had one, I probably wouldn't have been saying this right now. That's not what the inventors of the telephone intended phones to be, They were never meant to be fidgeted with. People improving the tech, It's improved but not the way it's expected to be, I'm not saying that's it's their faults that students are distracted because they can access social media, I'm just saying that was a bad idea -_-

  • Why do you have a smartphone then?

    Cheap flip phones are still being sold. And yet they are only used as burner phones or by elderly people. Everyone I know has a smartphone.
    The apps on the smartphone are useful. You can use maps. I have an old map of my city and let me tell you that it is obsolete and outdated. I cannot see the small obscure streets or where there is parking or how to exit. With the app I can see the panoramic view.

    Calculator function. I took calculus and let me tell you that I do not want to do mental math. I use the calculator to let my brain rest.

    News updates. If I was lucky I could read the paper in the morning and maybe catch the news at night. Now I can get the news at whatever time and I can filter the news. I do not like to see sports I want my personal news feed.

    Text message. I do not want to talk sometimes and a text message is simple. Rather than wait for an email or a voice call a simple text message is all you need. A lot of teens are venerable to this and TEXTING and DRIVING is DANGEROUS.

    Killing time. Sometimes you need to kill time waiting an doctors appointment or where you just have to sit. You can play a game, I like to play brain games where I solve puzzles or anagrams. Something to stimulate my brain. Not everyone plays candy crush.

    Other apps. Cloud storage, Pdf reader. Printer app, Alarm app, Ebook app, Music player, Video player. Camera app.
    I become a one man productivity person. I can get documents and print them and all nifty doodads

    Addiction: Spending too much time one the phone is bad. One needs self control but sometimes people lose that fight.
    If someone you know is too addicted and spends way too much time. Find help and make that person realize that they need to cut back. But do not ban smartphones for everyone.

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