• Limited Funding for Tech

    Schools do not have enough funding for technology at least where I live, They are VITAL for researching due to the fact that we do not have enough laptops / computers for the entire school, And the limited amount of time that we get to use the laptops/computers, However I believe that students should not be playing on them in class and stuff like that.

  • Phones should be allowed in schools

    I actually am still amazed about how this grown ass people think that separating kids from their phones at school is a good decision. First of all just as you said kids use it to communicate with their parents and second of all damn some of us just need that to have a break from reality. School or highschool can be really exhausting sometimes and i personally use my phone when i want to avoid people or situations because of anxiety. Also it became like a very important piece of our lives and taking them away from us is not going to help us

  • Phones are important.

    In my old school I was allowed on my phone in school. Plus if you need to tell your parents something without leaving the room you ave to use the teachers, Witch takes a very long time at my school now. You have to type nine then their number. So yeah.

  • You don't need them in class

    Up through high school, You do not need your phone in class. If you need to call your parents, Your parents need to contact you, Etc, The school has office phones you or your parents can use or call. Some may say they need a break from reality, So they argue their phone offers them that, But at school, You are there to learn and face reality, Not hide like a coward from it, So no, You do not need your phone. Pay attention to your teachers and what you are being taught. Your life should not revolve around your phone. Your phone is a privilege kids in other countries don't have access to. Be happy you are being given a free education up through high school and not paying for it. And as a bonus; in America you don't have to wear school uniforms to class. So stop whining about your phones. You can survive without it for a while.

    Some people claim to have anxiety, And say that school can be exhausting, So their phone can help them calm down and avoid people and stressful situations. You wouldn't have such bad anxiety if you would realize people and stress are always going to be a part of your life, And strong individuals rise above their fears and have the confidence in themselves to launch themselves at their goals in life. And if you want to relax and let off some of the stress, Your phone is not the answer when you're at school, And should not be a vital part of your life. Your phone is not a substitute for people and experiences in your life. Make some friends. Hang out at lunch. Talk with your teachers. Draw. Write. Do some homework. Check your emails. Eat your lunch. You can make it through life without staring at your phone all day to cope with stress. Get engaged in the classroom. Pay attention. Value what you are learning and try to apply it to your life. Ask questions. Be creative. Make what you are learning interesting, Even if you have to doodle on every homework page you're assigned. Make it interesting. You don't need a phone to do that. Just a brain and people to encourage you on your path to success.

    My peers tried to sneak their phones into class and always got in trouble for it. I left mine in my locker. Never needed it. I was at school to learn and be taught, Not fool around playing games on my phone, Posting random stuff on Twitter or other sites, Using my phone as a pathetic coping device, Looking at Pintrest, Or texting people. If I needed to make a call, I knew there was a phone in the office, Or I could text my parents at lunch. I didn't have friends among my peers because they were immature and obsessed with their phones, Sleeping in class, Making things harder for me to learn, Or bothering teachers.

  • Nah I guess

    The purpose of school is to learn and smartphones are an obvious distraction from becoming smart. It’s like mine as well just stay home and have free time all day instead of going to school and using a phone when they are supposed to be learning and paying attention to teachers.

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