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Pitbull goes through with concert after rigged contest: Should online contests be more strictly monitored?

  • I think online contests should be slightly more strictlymonitored.

    There is a chance that someone might cheat a ta contest. Especially when it comes to online contests because people are better able to game the system or even hack the software in order to win in the contest. It would be unfair to the rest of the contestants if the contest was rigged and someone who didn't deserve to win won.

  • Yes, online contests need more monitoring.

    Yes, online contests should be monitored more closely because people need to be protected from scams. If an online contest is rigged and people have used important resources, such as time and money, to apply, that is something you can't come back from. Online contests should be monitored closely or maybe even regulated.

  • No, who would monitor them?

    It's always a shame when online contests are rigged, but seriously, who is going to monitor them? Given the open and global nature of the Internet, what government or regulatory body would have jurisdiction? Any attempt at regulation in any location would just mean the organizers run their thing from somewhere else.

  • No, it was a fun thing.

    The contest was not serious. Maybe it should not have been so easy to create accounts, but they could just have easily convinced people to vote a certain way for fun. There is no reason to make the rules stricter based on one small thing. Besides, it is a nice thing for Alaska.

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