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Pooh Bear is Secretly apart of the ILluminati.

Asked by: kawynk
  • I am pooh!!!

    Yes, I am sorry to admit that all the rumors are true. I AM ILLUMINATI!!! And it is also true, that I have a very serious honey addiction. I would like to tell everyone sorry for lying to you. (Also sorry for crushing your dreams children.) Also, Tigger needs some help. Like, really!

  • I am pooh!!!

    Here I confess to you, that yes, I am a part of the Illuminati. And it is also true, that I have a serious honey addiction. I am working with professionals to help fix this. Back to the Illuminati thing. All those people that I "help" are now part of the Illuminati. I am sorry to crush your dreams children.

  • Well duh, dude

    He, and his mates, are clearly the illuminati. Christoper Robins is the anti-christ because he resurrected the souls of illuminati leaders and put them into stuffed animals. Of course, it backfired and the stuffed animals didn't get all of their brains back. The books are the illuminati bibles brainwashing children into the illuminati.

  • He is illuminati

    He is abviuosly illuminati because that honey he eats is really the blood of his enemies. He made a children tv show about his sad and lonely life to cover up the truth that he is really an illuminati spy and wants to blow up Asia, Spain, Mexico, and Peru.

  • The truth will come out.

    I have made extensive research on the subject. This was even my debate topic for my end of year essay for my debate class.
    (I'm not joking it actually was). People can't just keep ignoring it, and I firmly believe that the truth will come out.

    It's undeniable. From the shape of his nose, to his strange connection to Yo Yo Honey Singh, the world will see how this cute bear from Disney has a much darker past that he would lead to believe. I will make it my life mission if I have to, but I will show the world, even if it will be the end of me.

  • He Just is

    Pooh bear is the leader of the illuminati. How do I know this? Well, let me tell you. Pooh bear is the leader because of his honey addiction and also, I just know. I am Gandolf the great. Don't question me. Illuminati Confirmed. I know Everything about everything haha haha.

  • He was, but not anymore!

    Pooh for years was part of the Illuminati, channeling evil throughout the 100 Acre Woods. Occasionally he would topple a government, but only on Tuesdays. However, that life is behind him. In a never before seen confrontation with his past, Pooh has explained that his days of Anarchy are far behind. If anything, stop bringing up his harmful past. And let him go. Pooh needs our help guys. So please, stop this nonsense at once.

    Signed by Not the Illuminati <0)

  • NO he ain't!!

    NO he ain't. Whatchu be talkin about. Why do ya need more words. He eats honey and hangs with his fam. Eeyore and piglet wouldn't say he is so why we questioning..? Pooh Bear wouldn't be the leader anyway. That one dude he hangs with would be and the kangaroo would be the second in command and then the elephant thing would be the army.

  • No he isn't.

    Pooh Bear is not apart of the Illuminati. How can I tell? He goes around helping people (animals). He doesn't really do a lot; all he does is go around trying to make friends and whenever he sees someone in need he goes and tries to find a way to help them. The reason he eats honey is because HE IS A FREAKING BEAR. That's apart of a bears diet.

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