Poor academic performance, Who is to blame, Parents or students

  • Teachers take the most blame

    Yes there are bad kids that will not listen to anyone, But a teacher can change that.
    I had teachers who believed I was handicapped and wanted to send me to special ed. My grades were so bad and my parents gave me no hope.

    Then I met a teacher who had no bias about me. He did not treat me like dirt and he could capture the attention of the children and could teach at all levels. He knew which students struggled and which students needed to be challenge. And he did not make anyone feel like a failure or too dumb. There a was a bad kid that hated everyone and eventually went to juvenile hall. But the rest improved.

    My reading and math skills shot up by years within a school year.
    I owe that man lot and I will never forget how he changed my life.

    You do not know what children go through or why they are that way. But it was then that I realized that some teachers just suck.
    They kill joy in learning and they destroy the hopes of children. Some teachers should not be teachers. Teachers need to be vetted and the bad ones should be fired.

  • Of course students!

    Hey there,

    Answering the topic, I think its students who are to blame. Parents can go after you and tell you to study, Study study, But after all, Even if you sit down with a book in front and your mind is elsewhere, You do not study. Its totally upon the student. If he wants to study, He can study but its not the fault of the parents.

    These are my views.


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