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Portions of Anne Frank's diary were censored because she described her clitoris: Do you think Anne Frank's diary is pornographic?

  • Anne Frank was locked in a closet

    Anne Frank was locked in an upstairs secret compartment, Where she did not leave for she would have been killed and kidnapped by Nazis. We can not deny that as teenagers we are raging sex machines, And since she was in hiding with family she could not relieve those needs. There fore she wrote them down and Anne frank is a freaky ass hoe

  • I believe that Anne franks dairy is pornographic

    Young children reading this account of a child in world war two and her struggles should not be exposed to this as this would led to the children asking to many questions which go against the ways that we teach sex education is this free country of ours the great country of the united states of america

  • No, the Diary of Anne rank is not pornographic.

    The Diary of Anne Frank has become regarded as an important work of literature all because it tells the truth, with the backdrop of the Nazi era adding a sense of dark imperative. Censoring any of it takes a lot of power away from the work as a whole. Pornographic materials exist to stimulate, whereas Anne Frank wishes only to tell the truth about herself.

  • She was a normal teenager.

    No, I don't think that Anne Frank's diary was pornographic, because I think she was just talking about her normal life. There were not photographs or pornography in her diary, so there is no way to say that it was pornographic. Pornography is images more than anything else. Frank was just talking about her life.

  • Not pornographic, just raw

    Anne Frank's diary was just that: a diary. She wrote it to pass the time and document the things happening in her life. She didn't mean for others to read it and see the graphic nature of what she wrote. It was personal, just for her to write her thoughts and feelings. No pornography, just personal.

  • It's just real

    As much as the PC police would like you to believe otherwise, life is not sanitary. The reason that Anne Frank's diary is so powerful is because it's raw and real. Once you start trying to sanitize the contents, you start the road down censorship. Readers should be allowed to read the complete uncensored material as it was written. Otherwise you lose the connection to the writer.

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