Protecting the environment is more important than creating a profit

Asked by: Cookiedough
  • You can do both

    An island cut down its Forest for fuel housing and boats, And as a result the fish disappeared and the soil became weak and nothing was growing.
    They were on the brink of dying.
    Then a man came and showed them that they needed to plant trees and regrow the forest. They were allotted a number of trees to cut and they had to leave the rest alone.
    Fast forward and the island has a forest and the fish returned and the soil is healed. The villagers are planning to plant more trees but now they are at a surplus.
    Replant trees, Replenish supplies, Let the fish stocks rest and let parts of the land rest. And companies need to pick up their chemical trash instead of just dumping it. There is a technology that can burn chemicals into base elements, The only reason why its not being used is because it does not make money.
    Honestly we can replace some petroleum application but rich oil baron control the universities and do not want to develop new technologies that do not rely on petroleum. And they paying shills to propagate the idea that the environment is not worth protecting because of Jobs.
    I give our planet about 30 years before we have no clean water and the resources run out, And the people riot. I already know where to go.

  • We need to support ourselves and our families financially

    Profit is the sole purpose of an urban lifestyle now and sometimes you have to make sacrifices to the environment in order to make more money and make a living for yourself and others close to you. We need to earn more money and profit in order to increase the economy.

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