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Recycled Orchestra Allows Young Musicians to Achieve Dreams: Would the music sound good with these instruments made out of recyclables?

  • Yes, many materials can be used to make instruments that create pleasant sounds.

    Wood and metal do not need to be brand new to work well in instruments. Reclaimed wood and metal that have been thrown out can be fashioned into good-enough instruments by those who have a good ear and know how to get things to work. In the end, the most important factor in the quality of the music is the quality of the musician. The young musicians in the recycled orchestra listen carefully and make their nontraditional materials sounds great when they perform.

  • This has been experimented with for years with favourable results.

    There are a number of bands and experimental orchestral groups currently working around the world who fashion their instruments from reclaimed materials. Many of these bands have achieved renown, such as The Origin of Music who have a fairly large fan base. There is no reason that the Recycled Orchestra cannot achieve similarly favourable results.

  • No matter the instrument, young musicians will succeed

    A "recycled orchestra" provides young musicians an incredible opportunity to create art - with instruments made entirely of recycled material. Young people are full of ingenuity. This makes them poised to succeed: if they are already creative enough to make music, then they will rise to the occasion no matter what these instruments are made of.

  • Yes, recycled orchestra allows children to explore musical creativity without the financial burden.

    Yes, music would sound good with orchestra instruments made out of recyclables. Many young children would love the opportunity to explore their musical creativity but because of a lack of financial means are unable to afford the musical instruments to do so. Using recycled orchestra would allow these young musicians to achieve their dreams while still sounding great. There are many popular musical bands that have used unconventional things as instruments and their musical talent has not been pulled into question. So many young minds run into brick walls when attempting to live out their dreams and if there is something that the community as a whole can do to make it just a little bit easier than I believe that is part of what being an American is all about.

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