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  • It is contrary to what you want to believe

    There are theocratic governments right now. And then to save face you will say yes they exist but they have no place in the "modern" world.

    You just insulted many nations and groups of people by not calling them modern. India is modernized yet it retains its religious root.
    Japan is modern but it still holds on to its religious beliefs. Even in American the shadow of Christianity there. Jewish people arabpeople still practice their customs.

    Many of those people drive cars have college degrees. Yet you do not consider them modern.

    I am going to call you rude, And racist, And you probably listen to podcasts or read some atheist books and believe that all religious people are inferior. You work at a some meaningless job and you try to insult other people to feel less bad about yourself.

  • Sorry, But that's not true at all.

    If you do the research, You'll be surprised to find that 84% of the world is religious, And a mere 16% of the world's population isn't religiously affiliated in any way. The numbers don't lie. I see where you're coming from, But your claim doesn't have any validity whatsoever. The truth of the matter is, Almost everyone on the planet is religious in some way, Shape or form, As religion is very important in our lives, As it tells a large part of who we are.

  • This house believes that religion is no longer part of the modern world, However I oppose to this

    Religion is very important in our lives and its the faith and belief we have in our own lord and now in our modern world, We are neglecting our religion and starting not to care about it. Many idols are dressing up as the lookalike of our lord and maybe the pastors which I find it quite disrespectful to do so. It is important to respect each and others religion.

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