Respect for human rights is respect of constitutional laws of a responsible society

  • Yes, It maintains equality

    Yes, Because this is not true just in India but in American society too
    There we have bill of rights and in India we have fundamental right s
    Human Rights were kept in mind while making constitution. For e. G.
    Right to equality under article 14-18. It covers abolition of untouchability

  • Respect is Earned

    . . . And NOW, TODAY, Few build up the points. Indeed, They go out of their way to simply claim the right to respect, Very much as claiming the right to free speech via their hatefilled identity politics.

    Existence, Does Not Legitimize. If it did, There would be no pathologies, By such a fact. If everything is brown, You don't have color. There must needs exist a Reason, And Reason whereby. "Respect", Especially in The Culture of Feelings, Is arbitrary a priori. In a day the your freedom of the moment might mean (and intolerably) my enslavement, Law of any sort is not based in respect, But in retribution. An eye for an eye. The Code of Hammurabi. The karma and(or) reciprocity of punishment. And really, Now? Okay, Today? If you bow to parchment, You love Big Brother. You're welcome to. But I don't love (respect) you. And I won't be forced.

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