• Yeah it really is.

    Looking at the state of modern chart pop music, there is little room for argument. Sure there are a number of pop acts/artists especially in the Indie scene who do still make very high quality music, and who do honestly care for their music beyond the money they make from it, but even then they are sadly very much smothered by the colossal crowd of talentless mannequins bought out by major labels because they have eye-catching body proportions in a desperate attempt to save a dying musical industry. Sure, the rock scene has it's flaws too, with more mainstream acts seriously letting the side down, but overall, despite it's now almost completely underground status, Rock and Roll is definitely still the better genre.

  • Rock n Roll is definitely better

    Rock n Roll is much better for a few reasons. First of all, Rock and Roll tells a story. It can make your heart break, or it can make you wana celebrate. Pop music is just a bunch of nonsense and has no welding to it. Second, Rock and Roll has great instruments, many Rock and roll songs are hard to play and take lots of talent. It just seems like lots of pop is just electronic. Third, Rock n Roll is just so much more fun to listen to.

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