Saving sex until marriage would help eliminate some problems in the world.

Asked by: cwt002
  • Women am I Right?

    Sex. What is it? It's the gift of life. And gifts should be wrapped. Have you ever got a present without wrapping paper? It's not as special it's special if it's bare. Don't forget if it smells like trout pull it out. If it smells like salmon keep on slamin. Use condoms.

  • Yes it would help in many aspects

    I think there would be a decrease in all of the STD's, unplanned pregnancies would go down, abortions would decrease, it would likely help people emotionally, and create an overall more stable society. I believe there would be more benefits in remaining abstinent until marriage than engaging in sex early on in life.

  • Isn't it simply a matter of using protection

    If you simply use protection then you can have sex as many times as you want with no risks, personally I've not had sex yet as just randomly having sex is not my thing but I imagine simply using protection solves allot of the problems with early sex . .

  • Proper sex education would do a much better job at solving a lot of the same problems

    Its surprising how much people don't know! Both men and women need to be educated so that they respect their own bodies and those of the opposite sex, and contraception should be encouraged more. There aren't exactly a lot of benefits of waiting for marriage, especially if you are already with the right person, and waiting for what could be years may set a precedent (of little sex) that could last the rest of the marriage.

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