• Yes. Students should have free time.

    In my opinion, Students should have free time. They ( as in we ) work hard to get good grades that we should be rewarded with free time. It's like having a job and not getting paid. We also need a break from racking our brains with knowledge. So, In conclusion, We should.

  • Schools Should Have More Free Time

    Because kids and students these days need more rest time from all the work they did in school ok and yes I think that schools should have more free time for their students ok ok ok ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok bye bye

  • You ain't there to play!

    School is not for playing around or hangout out with friends. It's not a social event or an arcade. You go to school to learn and retain knowledge that will help you succeed later in life when you enter college or get a job. Education is not a chore. It is a privilege. Not every nation out there has access to proper education. We take it for granted in America, And still we complain that we are forced to go to school, Even though we're being given free education up through high school.

    Go to school, Get your homework, Prioritize your homework in a day-planner, Complete and hand in the homework ahead of time to allow yourself more free time, And study two days prior to every major test. You respect your teachers, Strive for excellence, And put forth the effort to do your best. You have weekends, Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, Spring Break, Half-days, Special teacher days you have off, And even an entire summer off. You have plenty of breaks and time off. There is no excuse. College and work will keep you even more busy if and when you graduate. Enjoy it up through high school while it lasts.

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