• It is safer

    The self driving car has no blind spot and is much safer it has much less crashes a year and is only getting better and better Counter argument to taxi industry would be out of business the car industry would grow massivly thank you for reading the and I hope You enjoy this little piece of my time.

  • We should he me out

    If we all had self driving cars it would be better here is why a person operating a car makes a lot of mistakes and yes there have been some problems with self driving cars but this is because the self driving car does not know what the driver is going to plane ahead of time if we all had self driving car they would all be Abel to communicant with other self driving cars using there software that many car brands have already started talking about this topic and is being put into action it would be safer and more inferential friendly .

  • Self driving cars have dangers

    Self driving cars have dangers that I believe will be a bigger problem than than people think. What if they get hacked? How often does your computer freeze? Self driving cars will freeze too, they are just computers. Computers have glitches all the time, self driving cars will have them too.

  • Self driving cars are detrimental

    Self driving cars are unable to make moral decisions as well as critical ones, which are common in the road due to accidents and such. Also they would contribute to technological unemployment, as if they were our only usable car the uber drivers and the entire taxi cab industry would be put out of business. Also, because of the hundreds of millions of individuals who drive a car, a legislation banning a human from driving would be almost impossible to implement.

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