Should 14 years old be allowed to have learning permits or drive cars?

  • Hate to break it to ya

    In arkansas which is really pronounced Are Kansas the legal age to get a permit is 14 and to get your full license is 15 this is due to the fact that arkansa is mainly farmland and gets our raise to help on there family's farm (extra words i needed

  • General Responsibility Development

    If we say yes to the given question, We are giving 14-year-olds a chance to improve their responsibility, And to increase it in the long run. Seeing that most of these 14-year-olds start high school at their age, It would prove sufficient to go ahead and mature that responsibility development around this time, And at an earlier age.

  • You can mature faster.

    If you get a license at age 14, Your in luck. You won't have to just ask your mom or dad to drive you to soccer practice, Or to parties. You can just say, "Mom, Dad i'm going to the party! " Also you mature faster, I think that if you fail you can learn and next time maybe get a license next time.

  • Not on my watch

    Every time I go to the DMV I see some disrespectful punks trying to get a license. I hear I can;t wait to get a car so I can go to places. I can go to parties and go to the mall ect. Then as I wait I hear. Sir/miss you cannot get your licence yet you need to wait 2 more moths and you need your parents permission.

    I want them to grow up a little because I do not trust them on the road. There are mature 15 years who are responsible but they need to develop a little more. They are still under cooked.

  • They never should

    Depending on the size of the 14-year-old is random and some 14 years olds are irresponsible. The number of 14-year-olds will suddenly decrease because of car crashes. Which will be trouble for the economy. I also think that if 14-year-olds were able to drive. More 14-year-olds will rebel. Not all 14-year-olds will rebel and commit more crimes. Which is why children don't get as many freedoms.

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