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Should a person with $1 million in retirement savings consult with a financial adviser?

  • It would be a smart and reasonable idea,

    But it certainly shouldn't be required. As Miraculous states, "Your money, your choice" and I highly agree. In fact, I don't think financial advisers actually take control of your money; they just help you make the right decisions with it. So you have the final say when you spend your money, whether or not you have a financial adviser.

  • Yes, even millionaires can go bankrupt.

    A million dollars is a lot of money, but it can go by quick if you don't watch your spending. A financial adviser would ensure that you don't go bankrupt. If the person whom has the $1 million is good at watching their finances then they probably won't need a financial adviser.

  • Yes, in the right hands it would be the most financially wise choice.

    Yes, a good financial adviser should be able to provide you with the best current information and advice on how to use these savings. Unless you know more than they do, it is wise to consult with them and trust their judgements. Going on your own and following ungrounded gut instincts can quickly turn that $1million into $100,000, not a wise return.

  • Yes, I think they should consult.

    Yes, I think a person with a $1 million in retirement savings should consult with a financial adviser because that is a lot of money and when you pass away you should make sure it is going to all the right places because that amount of money could make millions of differences in the world.

  • Your money, your choice

    If you have a million in RETIREMENT savings, I'd assume you're of high intellect and have quite a favorable job. If you can even obtain that much you should know how to manage it and at least have a back up plan beforehand. No need for a financial adviser if you have the capacity to do it yourself.

  • It is up to you

    I like how money hungry the United States of America has gotten. If you have a certain amount of money in the bank and you want to retire, you go right ahead. Why would you need to hire a financial adviser? It is your money, spend it and do with it as you please without paying someone to tell you what to do with it!

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