Should a person's social media be judged for college admission and job recruiting?

  • If you are blatantly ignorant online you deserve to be declined on a job

    If you are dumb online how does the employer know if your not dumb in job scenarios.

    I’ll never understand why I have so much wine. . . Like. . . . There has to be a wine out there that doesn’t give me a hangover. . . Or like. . Something that makes me feel better in the morning. . Idk it just seems silly. Would love opinions on this.

  • Without question yes

    Here's the deal - if your reputation outside the company could hurt my company's reputation, Then your social media posts are fair game in the hiring process. It's a glimpse into how you conduct yourself when no one's looking. It's the newest form of interview technique. They always said never post anything you wouldn't want you mom to read. Well that still holds true today.

    Having said that, I don't think companies should decline to hire someone based on their political leanings, Sports team affiliation, Or a simple bathing suit post while on vacation, Etc. But it's always a possibility. Lest you think that your passionate political posts are bulletproof because you think you hold the moral high ground, Or you're proud of your body and like showing it off in provocative poses, Remember that the hiring manager or owner could hold the opposite view. Would you really want to work for them? Would it really be a loss to not get that job? Probably not.

    This is merely another form of interview - it's just a one-way conversation. Protect your digital reputation like you would your professional reputation.

  • It is a snapshot of a person

    Companies used to hit and miss when hiring people. You do not know anything about a person when you do a interview. You just have their word.
    A pizza company had actually hired a terrorist. If they had look at his social media they would have found that he was not the one they should hire.
    Someone smoking drug or doing shameful acts and posting it online is not the best fit. That is a company scandal waiting to happen. Or cops having racist Facebook pages That tarnishes the whole police department,

  • What is done on social media can, And will, Be done in the real world.

    Many people use social media to express their societal beliefs, Thoughts, And actions. Many times, These actions, Thoughts, And words generally inflict harm, Showing how these people behave and act -- negatively. What someone does on social media is what they will do in the real world, Whether it be a job or academic performance at a top-notch college, And neither can risk the occurrence of a negative event in their organizations or vicinities. To add to this, Such an action of reviewing an applicant's social media holds the applicant accountable in their life, Generally. Therefore I uphold and support the action of the judging of social media during college admissions and job recruiting.

  • No question about it

    Both an argument from principle and pragmatism can be made in regards to this.
    Employers and administrators have the right to access public information about who they're hiring or allowing into their institution. It's the former's right as someone who spends time, Money, And effort training and dealing with an employee to know who they are, And it's the latter's right as someone who needs to maintain an image for their institution and prevent property damage or other risks. If they can't access public information, Then where do we draw the line?
    Practically, Any kind of ban or regulation on this doesn't make sense. It's public information, How do we prevent employers and administrators from seeing it? If we do, Somehow, Manage to make restrictions work, The hiring process will simply become more precarious, As companies will be taking a much greater risk by not having a better idea of who it is they're dealing, And no one benefits from that, Except for people who make poor decisions in their spare time.

  • Relevant Experience Matters More

    In the workforce, An applicant is expected to meet specific criteria for the job in which they are applying. A cover letter, Curriculum vitae, And appropriately formatted resume should suffice in selecting the ideal candidate for the job.

    What I choose to discuss on Facebook, Or other social media platforms are not of my employer's concern nor is it their business to know what I choose to say or think in my freetime. At no physical location is it stated or implied that the requirements for employment is to have the employer launch a thorough investigation on someone and their social media pages.

    A background check ultimately is designed to run a scan on an applicant's criminal history, Driving record, Credit score, And employment history. Which is, Of course, Followed by a consensual drug test. It has virtually nothing to do with the private life of the applicant, And such an investigation is a meaningless process in which an employer can dismiss a noteworthy and competitive candidate, Solely because of a conflict in points-of-view.

    I am free to express myself as I see fit, It's implied in the within the text of the application "Company X hires without discrimination towards race, Religion, Sex. . . " et cetera. When an employer decides to investigate your accounts without verbal or written consent from the applicant, It is an invasion of privacy.

    If I am not allowed to express myself freely by means of an employer, Then at what basis am I free to express myself at all? These types of checks are an infringement on the 1st Amendment, Because employers can discriminate against people with controversial perspectives and statements.

    Granted, I wouldn't want to hire someone like Dylann Roof, Or a known mass murderer from the perspective of a hypothetical employer. If they can pass a background check and a drug test, What more is needed to determine that this job-seeking candidate is the ideal match for the position in which they applied and interviewed for?

  • A person's social media profile should not be judged for any personnel entry

    Long back, When Facebook did not exist, People used to take private interviews and select
    people in this is still evident in many companies but it is not understood that in some
    companies why is an interviewer first judged by his/her social media in today's prevailing
    society. A person should be judged by his/her confidence and his/her capability.

  • It's a violation of privacy and a stupid way of knowing someone

    If using social media is used for employment then the outcome is a judgmental society that can fire you for saying the wrong words and thinking the wrong way, For instance if you're a human rights activist and you are pro-feminism your manager can fire you if he was misogynistic, And if that's okay with you then you must also be okay with a blacks-only workplace or a women-only workplace or conservative-only business or liberal-only workplace that serves only the people of that particular group. This is a very unwise idea and a very dangerous one that will lead to totalitarianism.

  • Nah that's just retarded

    Most people looking for a job do not post themselves taking in harmful substances or shameful acts such as; smoking, Drugs, Alchol or even crimes. You could ague though that some "idiot's" do but not very many and besides if I were a junkie then I most certainly wouldn't won to be going to uni or college, Plus if I were an employer then all it would take for a small job like a corner shop is a quick expierence check a drug test and a look and whom's CV and boom done.

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