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Should a video game come into existence that is offered solely for the purpose of driving as - and promoting - the Maserati brand?

  • If Mazerati can fund the game, let them do it.

    Just because someone makes a game does not mean it will sell. There have been many video games that have passed all of the predictive high sales tests and then just bombed. The video game business is a fickle one. It is hard to predict and there are many moving parts. If done correctly, a Maserati driving game could do very well. Anyone who plays GTA V knows the obvious inclination that game has for Dodge. But, the other side of that is, because they blew their budget there, they missed out on the Super Bowl.

  • Maserati is garbage for redneck fantasies, they would love a game like that.

    Wow, can't you just feel the hand of a Maserati public relations staffer behind that question? I personally think that the Maserati brand is total garbage. In the United States, they are considered to be junk cars of poor construction, and of outdated design. But I bet the poor, trashy rednecks who think brands equal status would love it.

  • Yes, a Maserati brand video game should exist.

    Even though it is something that I would not play myself, I think that if Maserati wants to help fund make a video game that promotes their brand, then they should have the right to do it. I do not know how popular it will be though or if it would be a smart business move.

  • Unnecessary marketing tactic

    Video games are striving to become an art form above being a time-wasting hobby, and the one way to really deflate that purpose is to use it as a promotional tool. This is something that it once was in the past and still can be with movie or book tie-ins, but using it for the promotion of a brand that doesn't really need promotion is just ridiculous.

  • No, that would be too boring.

    Driving games should entail the driving of all sorts of makes and models of vehicles from all over the planet. One make and a few models would be really, really boring and would not sell. Maserati would not even make profit because they are promoting a car that teens cant even drive.

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