• Yes they should

    As we all know, Ads keep things free as they generate revenue through advertisement's. And Nasty companies such as the BBC need to be stopped from charging a fee.
    Ad's are a very real part of out life. Best just to accept that they are here, And get on with it.

  • Though no one likes their shows interrupted, Ads still help with TV if you think about it. . .

    No one likes their shows interrupted, I get it, But in reality, There wouldn’t be any shows without ads. This is because TV producers make most profits from ads, And that is how shows are put onto television. I can see why you made this a debate, It i a very serious matter. Thank you.

  • Ads = Free.

    You want free TV programs, You have to sit through a few commercials. If you want show ad free, You pay a fee. See, The money given to pay for the ad pays for the program so you don't have to. If you only want to watch the show, No problem. You can either pay for programming or just use commercial breaks for other things like getting a snack or to chat with others about the program. Just shut up once the show comes back on. Okay?

  • It will help companies expand their business by showing their ads on TV

    What if you were looking for a specific product and it was shown on TV, It may not be the exact one you need but it could be close enough. Some ads are even funny and enjoyable to watch plus if you just don't want to watch it switch the channel or go get a drink or something to eat

  • No because of Large corporations.

    I understand a small business wants to expand and reach new customers. The problem is that money talks in advertisements. This super large company X can spend massive amounts on long commercials at loud volumes. Drink coca-cola, Get x car insurance, Buy this clothes buy this drink. The sad part is that I myself can filter commercials but not impressionable minds that believe them.
    Now advertisers are getting attractive young people to peddle their products on social media to the weak minded children and teens.

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