Should age be the criteria for retirement in sports

  • Yes so people can stop cheating

    Some sports teams have age limits for children because some parents would like their child to be a giant among younger children. And then for those abuses parents that want to toughen up thier child and put them with older children to get pick on.

    But the most dishonest are the high schools. I doubt some of the players are of high schools. Are they 20 years olds?

    Some schools really try and push for the age limit.
    In college that is where the bodies have matured and where age does not matter only skill. So age should used for high school and toddlers to prevent unequal strength.

  • Yes, Age should be the criteria for retirement in sports. . .

    It will help the nation to select good and better players to represent them at international events. .
    A fit and young player represents the country as a mirror whereas an old player maybe champion at his time would only reflect that there are no other players who can represent that country. .

  • No thats oppression

    I believe that college players should be able to play against a team of 4 year olds in soccer. Football especially, I believe college football players should be able to play against 8 year olds in flag football except they should play tackle football because all 8 year olds need to learn flag football ain't the real way to play football

  • Sports is directly proportional to spirit

    As all know age is coming by passing the years like today u may be 10years old after 10 years u get in to 20 it's not matter for sports u know
    all matter is your spirit to win and enthusiasm to play and passion to go through and courage to face failure
    And I can definitely say that these features would not come by age u have these would come from heart of a sports person
    "sports person's are born not created "

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