• Books are perverted

    There is a term I denote as "Knowledge Virginity" (K. V. For short- and yes I know that it sounds tacky). Now, Before you continue, Please understand that by reading this you will unfortunately lose your own K. V. , And in this similar sense, Reading books will do the same. You see, Books, Especially those of the philosophical nature, Are subtle destroyers of personal and independent thought. When one begins to read Plato, For example, They will now, Perhaps unintentionally, See the world through a Plato Lense, Thus losing their Knowledge Virginity. So, Upon examining a problem or dilemma, Their brain will call back to how Plato described "truth" "justice" and etc. Now imagine had they not read Plato. Would they have answered the same? You are probably thinking that they would not, Which I do too. You see, The reason why people read Plato and all this nonsense is because when they ponder something like "Would you sacrifice x for y" or whatever, They just do not have the mental capacity to truly come up with a confident answer, So they run to all these Kant and Sun Tzu to "shape" their mind to feel more "philosophically versed" to answer the question. But alas, Had they just tried using their brain, They wouldn't have lost that all too rare Knowledge Virginity, Which I am the god damn king of, And you know this is true because this is MY 100% original idea (Google it, Bro) that no one has ever thought of before because approx. 99. 99% of people who share knowledge with people have lost their Knowledge Virginity themselves. If this makes no sense, Then that's good, You still have the K. V. , Or maybe it is too late. Whatever happens, Trust me, Words are not what they seem.

  • Books create Equality

    If we ban books, Eventually, No one person is more knowledgable than the other, Hence we think the same. If everyone thinks the same, No one person is superior or inferior to the other, So everyone is of equal status, Thus all are equal. Books are the primary source of knowledge, Without it, Knowledge won't spread far; keeping everyone's knowledge limited and creating equality. No feminism, LGBTQ, This right, That right. We are all equal.

  • That will never happen

    Some books can be censored agreed. But censoring all books is impossible, That like you getting a girlfriend. Not gonna happen.
    People used to be illiterate and books were a sign of power.
    That why people decided to print more books and teach people to read.

    Graphical capabilities have improved and watching a video is faster than reading but reading is something that you cannot suppress nor the spreading of knowledge. Even in North Korea where they try to suppress knowledge you can find contraband books and movies.

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