• Only for entertainment purpose

    I personally feel video games should be made available for children who are above 5 years of age. It serves as a form of entertainment for kids who are either working hard with studies or having less friends. I speak from experience. I always study hard, But feel lot of pressure building up at the same time. To eliminate that, You need video games as it will help kids engage to a story for some period of time. By saying this, Kids should make sure they do not get addicted and neglect their education. Overall, Kids should have video games, But there should be a limit on the usage.

  • Video games train your children

    Hand eye coordination and reaction time
    Boomers and gen X and people who grew up not playing video games are slow to quickly react. You see it in driving and in other tasks.
    Slow and steady wins the race but slow is sometimes bad. The light turns green and you need to move. And if a deer or a child appears you need to break.

    Risk strategy and planning and management. You have 40 crystals or coins and you need plan if you want to buy an upgrade or save for a better upgrade or invest.

    When is the last time you taught someone to manage money? They help young people learn about risks and investments

    Communication you need to form a team and work together. Cooperation and teamwork. You learn that in sports and in the military but in video games you can learn it.

    Puzzle solving and logic. Some things test your brain and challenge you to think

    perseverance. You need to beat the game. Your child learns to never give up and to try to get better and win.

    Higher thought. Art music and movies are forms of entertainment that waste time. Yet it is something that is inherent with people. You might not watch TV but I am certain you listen to music. Humans seek entertainment. Videogames are interactive media.

    I knew an old man. He was so tall and huge like a refrigerator bulging with muscles. He played pro football. He said that he like playing games and recommended some.

    So here is my proposal. If you are broke go buy a used PlayStation 3 from a store with a warranty. Go buy Uncharted, Or buy Assassins Creed. If you were in the military buy call of duty black ops 1. Play them in easy mode.

    If you have the money then buy a PlayStation 4 and buy the games from above. Go and try them. They are like a movie but better.

    And addiction does exist so if you are prone to addiction then have someone monitor your habits do not spend more than 1 hour each day one games.

  • Why should they. If they do will they get work done

    I disagree even as a child its not a good thing. It should only be allowed on the weekends and that's on PERiOD POOH LIKE COMEON PERiod pooh don't play with me unlees you wanna come at me im a child and i disagree who would want their kid to play every single day studies show that kids who keep playing video games alll day forget their manners

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