• Yes because animal farming is unecessary and cruel

    Whether you like it or not, But its a scientific fact that traditional meat is unsustainable. With the rapid growing world population, There won't be enough food and water to feed people, Because all those resources has be fed to livestock.

    Researchers shows that, Cows need much more food and water to be fed than people and many tropical rainforest has to be cut down because of cattle ranching.

    Researchers has shown that 90 % of amazon rainforest has been cut down due to cattle ranching and deforestation is also a biggest threat to wild animals. Many wild animals has gone to extinction because of deforestation.

    Besides of this, Cows produce methane gas which is much more harmful than carbon monoxide. Its also cited that cows produce much more greenhouse gases than cars, Ships and plane combined. Isn't than insane? Its just unbelievable.

    Thats mean to combat global warming, We need to put a ban on slaugtherhouse and factory farming.

    Also do you know that scientist has discovered lab grown meat and do you know what it is? Lab grown meat is a meat that grown from stem cells of animals and it does not involve in slaugthering animals. With this advance of technology, Its completely necessary that we should shut down all slaugtherhouse because its an cruel and inhumane practice toward our earthling.

    Researchers also show that animals aren't dumb. They cited that pigs has an cognitive capacity of an 3 years old human child. Thats mean that animals have emotion and can feel pain like we do.

    Also the method of stunning animals before slaugthering them is also not effective. Researchers shows that even captive bolt gun in the head, Doesn't always guarantee that animals are unconscious before being slaugthered. In some instance, They are still fully conscious when their throat being slit and that is a very painful way to do.

    Think about, How would you feel if someone slit your throat? If guess if something like that happen to you, You would cry in pain.

    So yes, Please vote yes to stop the slaugther of innocent animals and GO VEGAN.

  • Meat = Murder

    Yes slaugtherhouse should definetly be shut down. Its an degrading inhumane practice toward our sentinent beings. Animals can feel pain just like Humans. Some people argue that slaugthering animals can be done in a humane way but in fact there are no humane slaugther.

    Also another justification argument for banning slaugtherhouse is that human does not need meat to survive. We are naturally omnviore but we doesnt have to eat meat.

    Researchers show that meat is also generally detrimental to out health which cause heart disease, Cancer, Diabetes and many more health problem

    Meat is also the biggest contribution to greenhouse gas effect and deforestation.

    I am a vegan and i love it. Please vote yes on this debate and go VEGAN.

  • Yes. Animals and us both has a life. It is cruel to do these things.

    Have you seen the pictures in the internet? I feel scary even looking at them. I agree that we should really shut down slaughterhouses. Animals may do not know they might be killed. Animals both has a life and imagine if we are put in the slaughterhouse and we get killed. That will sound really horrible. I think that I can survive with out meat. What about you? Please vote for Yes. Animals should never get killed. The have their own life. We should shut down slaughterhouses.

  • They should be shut down

    Some quotes I personally like:

    "You need protein, Not meat, You need calcium not milk, You need omegas not fish, You need nutrients not the life of an animal"

    "People are the only animals that drink the milk of the mother of another species. All other animals stop drinking milk altogether after weaning. It is unnatural for a dog to nurse from a mother giraffe; it is just as unnatural for a human being to drink the milk of a cow"

    Milk/dairy products is the strangest of them all. Humans are pretty much the only species to continue to drink milk into adulthood and pretty much the only ones to drink from another animal. Cow's milk is meant to help baby calves to grow, Adults usually don't need to grow, And as it's meant for baby calves people do NOT need milk.

    *** I don't like judging other people's diets and the foods they eat, But voicing my opinion as this is an open opinion based question. Sorry if I had offended anyone.

  • We eat meat.

    Statistically, Less 3% of people in the U. S. Are vegetarian/vegan. This means that over 97% of us eat meat. This means we have a huge demand for it so need places to process it. Without them, People with less training and certification would have to process it themselves making it not only more costly but less safe to eat.

  • They're animals, Not human. . .

    While I agree free-range meats are a lot better for the animal and for your health overall, Slaughterhouses should not be shut down as they proved food for millions of people in this country. Maybe worry about the real genocide that's going on in this country. The killing of unborn children.

  • Vegetarianism will never take me alive!

    I love meat. I eat it almost every day. Sometimes for multiple meals. Even though I have eaten some pretty good meatless meals, I'd go crazy without some meat at least every now and then. The last time I even had a vegetarian friend was when I was in middle school.

  • We should have the option to eat meat.

    Sure, More people are going vegetarian, But it's a choice. Just as it should be. No particular diet should be forced on anybody. We should all be free to eat whatever we please. I'd go nuts without meat. Even though it's a little on the expensive side, I love it.

  • Meat is good!

    My name is Kasey (Female) I am a grade 12 student and a second year butcher apprentice. I have grown up on a property and I have never once in my life thought, Wow this is bad. Each to their own if you wanna think eating meat is bad you go right ahead and think that but keep it to your self cause honestly no one actually cares you can yell in my face and call me a murderer but the reality is I like meat and I'm gonna keep eating it whether you like it or not. Sure animal cruelty is bad and it really is I hate it, Any slaughter houses (Abattoirs) that treat animals badly should be shut down but not all slaughter houses are like that. Not all people that work in the meat industry are bad and not all people that eat meat are bad! So get a life and let me live mine how I want. I gotta tell ya something Bacon is good for me!

  • People need to eat meat to stay healthy

    Throughout history humans killed to eat. Doing away with meat is like doing away with humans. Meat has many vitamins, Chemicals, And nutrients that veggies, Fish and oils do not have. I know a few people who became vegetarians and now they have to take vitamins or they went back to eating meat. I understand if you do not like eating another living thing but in the wild the strong will survive and the weak will die. Competition and choices are good especially with food. Doing away with meat eliminates that choice.

  • They should be cleaned up But Ill never stop eating meat.

    Have a great time with your veganess but us Humans need to accept the fact that Animals create gasses that could destroy the planet. Even having a human baby causes gasses that make the earth less habitable. I have seen vegans torture animals but keep them alive which is creepy to me.

  • Noith that'sith isith badith

    Statistically, Less 3% of people in the U. S. Are vegetarian/vegan. This means that over 97% of us eat meat. This means we have a huge demand for it so need places to process it. Without them, People with less training and certification would have to process it themselves making it not only more costly but less safe to eat.

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