• Yes Nasa is saving our lives

    Nasa is keeping track of asteroids that can destroy in a matter of minutes and also keeps track of all the eaths changes( like climate change.) And yes Nasa does screw up sometimes but who doesn't. So i say more money fore Nasa. Only four percent of americas budget went to NASA this year. For goodness sake more money went to buisness managment, student financial assistance, and homeland secuirty alone not together than NASA. Thats a bunch of crap.

  • NASA's 0.48% of the Budget

    Considering that the budget of NASA is roughly $500 billion per year the impact on the budget from cutting this programs would do nothing to fix the deficit. Also considering that NASA has pushed science to all new heights and new frontiers for nearly 50 years the impact of cutting such an essential part of the science field would be profound. NASA has created many new inventions that help people around the world and should continue its endeavors to land a man on Mars and beyond.

  • NASA's influence is substantial, other things are not as much. READ THIS

    NASA is an organization that delves into science and technology for the well-being of the world. They focus their research on aerospace and the universe, but that is not just it. They do focus their portions on earth studies, as well as technology for the world to use. NASA research has been used to create over 30,000 different applications, such as insulin pumps, fire fighting gear, weather satellites that prevent thousands because of forewarned hurricanes, and laser heart surgery. Right now, NASA receives about 13 billion dollars a year, less than .5% of the entire GDP. On the other hand, Churches are tax exempt, and save an average of 73 billion dollars a year. They could feed all of the homeless people in the entire United States each year, and have another 72 billion left over with that 73 billion. I understand that Church does charity and helps the needy sometimes, but if that's the case, then why isn't the Red Cross, whose basis is entirely devoted to helping people, tax exempt? NASA's developments are technological and scientific, helping the entire community, while Churches help those that only believe in them, and can even spew hate against certain people because they are being themselves. If you dare to bring up the argument of NASA's funds should be used somewhere else, then you are obviously oblivious of all the corruption and money spent and lost due to politicians who look into themselves as opposed to their people. Have you ever heard of corruption in NASA? I don't think so.

    Posted by: DSC
  • Warp Drive!

    Faster than light space travel is mathematically possible! This is no longer just science fiction! Imagine a time were we can travel the stars and colonize other planets; the petty squabbles of humankind will seem trivial! If we do not invest in space exploration it will unquestionably become one of the greatest regrets of our era, a blemish on the history of mankind that will take hundreds of years to recover from.

  • NASA is a Beneficiary

    Although funding NASA takes a lot of money, they put out even more, which keeps our economy striving. They invented the technology that saves more lives than giving money to the homeless. NASA is responsible for inventing CAT scans, MRI's, the memory foam bed you sleep on, etc. NASA has not failed us at all. Many people only focus on the space exploration part, which would not be a failure if NASA had the money to even carry out their experiments and other research purposes. NASA also creates a huge amount of jobs, new technology, such as the cameras in your Androids and Iphones, and yet people still believe that NASA is a failure. Without NASA, there would be fewer people going to college, fewer people with jobs, fewer technologies being created, a national security system that still would be using out of date weapons, and much more. The things we learn while in space include how to preserve our planet, when will there be a severe weather alert, such as a hurricane, and maybe someday our planet will be way overpopulated and we'll need anther place to live, like Mars. There are more people who die of cancer in the US then there are starving people. There are so many programs for starving/homeless people. They are responsible for there choices if they want to take advantage of these aid programs or not. NASA is what represents this country and if we don't support them, we don't support ourselves. Those who don't want to be American can leave!

  • NASA is very important.

    The reason it is is because the sun is an average star so it will act like a normal star. Currently it is in it's midlife stage but eventually it will become a red giant. When it is a red giant it's radius will have extended past earth's orbit and earth will be consumed, but will be uninhabitable long before that. If we don't help NASA then we will be doomed.

  • I do support to fund it.

    Funding NASA could get us to put colonies on mars and the moon and over all help man kind by solving overpopulation and possibly even discovering other life forms. It would also help us develop technology by us mastering ways to get to space and ways to thrive in it.

  • Most economical government program available

    Every penny you spend on NASA brings a return of $5-$10. What other program says that? It GIVES its technology away to any American who wants to use it to start a business and not only that, they offer scientists and engineers and business experts to help you get started and figure out ways to make it work. For FREE. We get more product and technology development out of the research NASA does than from all other government and education entities combined. I should know; I used to produce the documents that its researchers had to publish, by law, to give the information away. The people who work there work for peanuts, compared to the private sector, but they do it because they believe in the cause of expanding our capabilities and making America foremost in research and technology. Nobody sits around eating bonbons and wasting taxpayer money. And yet, every year, NASA has to go to Congress with its hand out, while Congress squeezes the budget tighter and tighter while still expecting the same amount of work. No wonder we have no vision in the program - Congress has become so partisan that if you can't put a piece of the 'pie' in every Congressman's district, he won't let you plan more than a year ahead.

  • Nasa has big part in the military

    The military relies a lot on satellites. Every one says the high ground wins so its like a cannon on a hill, the cannon on the hill has an advantage over the cannon in the valley. So in this case space would be the hill or high ground. Also satellites or like eyes in the sky.

  • Super power status and competitive edge.

    Why do you think Europe, Russia, China, India, Brazil and others are pouring more into their space programs? Nuclear, military and economical might used to be the hallmark of a super power and still are; however space and technology will be the next big competition. As many have said, any money we spend on NASA has a tenfold return on the investment, not just for space exploration but for the enrichment of our daily lives. Those countries know this and are pushing into space as fast as they can. We won the cold war but now our astronauts sit at a Russian bus stop to go to a space station we mostly funded?

    Also, do we want someone with a communist or socialist value system to own the solar system? People talk about getting to other planets before ours dies. What about getting to Mars or the asteroid belt before a belligerent nation with nationalistic intent does?

    I think we should increase the scope and budget, but it won’t happen. Sadly, when things work, Washington (and we the public) forget them and take them for granted.

  • Debt? We can't waste money.

    We spend HALF of our money on space exploration. Fair? I don't think so. Half means that every penny we give in taxes to the government, they take out 50% from it. SO, $100 tax dollars, $50 goes to the government funded NASA. 17 Billion dollars. Not too fair.

  • We Are Already In Debt

    The United States of America is already trillions of dollars in debt, why spend it on something that is really not that important? Our taxes should be going towards U.S. debts with other countries and education, not spending billions of dollars on collecting rock samples. NASA is a total waste of time and money.

  • Think about Earth first.

    Number one Priority and Location: Earth. It is, after all, where humans live; why do we care so much about locations and creatures (even if, there is any kind of life, at all, out there) that are sooooooooooooo far away from us?
    And yes, I DO know how America was discovered. and if, by any chance, Columbus is looking down on it and sees what has become of it, he'll be cursing the curiosity that drove him to discover it!
    Why, when our own children are dying from hunger by the billions, do we take the food from our "pantries" and give it to our far away " neighbors?"
    There are of course our eminent scientists, who will argue that the benefits from space travel will be immense for future generations. By all means try and leave this planet in a livable condition for our children, grandchildren, etc. but make sure that we take proper care of those that are on earth RIGHT NOW!

  • NASA is like an un-sharpened pencil - it has NO POINT

    Why spend billions of dollars on space exploration when we don't even know our own planet? The ocean is the lifeblood of Earth, covering more than 70 percent of the planet's surface, driving weather, regulating temperature, and ultimately supporting all living organisms. Throughout history, the ocean has been a vital source of sustenance, transport, commerce, growth, and inspiration.

    Yet for all of our reliance on the ocean, 95 percent of this realm remains unexplored, unseen by human eyes. We only discovered less than 5% of the ocean. Space is really out of THIS world, so why worry about it.

    Posted by: Sci
  • No

    Someone posted saying that the U.S. Military funding is 50 times more than that of NASA. Even if this is true, the U.S. Military is here on the planet helping to keep us safe and free. All NASA is doing is sending more and more junk into space, if they want to keep going into space than they can use the money of those who want to donate or of those who work for them. We don't need to keep wasting money on NASA's experiments when we are in debt. Save the money for stuff that is needed.

  • Why waste money we dont have?!

    We are already in big trouble with China, we have a HUGE amount of debt that our child's grandchildren have to pay and we're spending money that we dont have. NASA shouldnt be our top priority right now, if we took the money we spent on NASA then we could build homes and supply food for the homeless. And do you think its right for NASA employees to get paid more than a military soldier?! Soldiers risk their lives for us, and what do they get? Paid less than NASA employees.

  • No, the government is spending too much money on NASA without seeing results.

    NASA claims to need more money, but the organization has not made a single major discovery in years. The government should spend their money on more important and immediate issues like Medicare and cancer research - an effort that can and will save lives. I'm not saying that NASA should cease to exist, it is and has been a great program over the decades. However, it should not receive the huge funding that it currently does, and certainly not increased funding.

  • The US Government Should Not Be Spending Money on This.

    The United States owes money to China. Why spend even more money when you're already in debt? There are other space programs besides NASA, including ROSCOSMOS, ESA, CNSA, and many more. Together, they can work in space as well as NASA can, and they can actually afford it. The US government should not focus on the space program when they don't even have any money to spend on it.

  • This is not something that we, as a country, can afford anymore.

    While we have achieved great things with NASA, I think the time for a government monopoly on space travel has come to an end. There is no USSR to compete with anymore, and the country is quickly heading towards bankruptcy. Therefore, the best solution is to turn NASA over to the private sector.

    Posted by: ErvinAnime
  • No they shouldn't, spend the money where it is needed.

    I think they should stop funding NASA because the money used to fund them could be going to more important things like giving kids a proper home or giving them food if they are starving. We should figure out problems on earth before we go figure things out in space.

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Anonymous says2013-02-28T21:00:19.143
If we pay all our money on nasa we won't have any money left to pay our bills and taxes.
Anonymous says2013-03-01T18:42:08.843
we always have enough money for things but the government wants to have control of everything and not let us the people choose whats right for this country.
Anonymous says2013-03-17T06:24:19.287
I'm always hearing how all these great inventions have come as a result of NASA funding..
so why not just fund them to invent things, instead of going into space (which hasn't worked a fraction as well)
Anonymous says2013-03-27T16:20:15.663
One half of one percent of the Federal budget. It's peanuts. Only relgious nuts and the ignorant and uneducated would want to defund NASA.
Anonymous says2013-04-07T15:16:59.667
The US used to have a space program. Now Russia is the only country with a space program.
NASA provides us with knowledge, science, and dreams. Continue funding to NASA.
Anonymous says2013-04-11T15:15:29.647
For the very first comment, that honestly makes no sense at all. We will have enough money for bills and taxes. We don't even really pay that much for the funding of NASA its a half of a cent of every tax dollar. And you don't have any problems getting by now. Most people probably don't even realize it.
Anonymous says2013-04-12T03:39:21.890
Take a moment and think of things that have been invented or improved upon in the past 20 years. Anything you think of more than likely NASA has contributed. The aquarium in your living room, the glass could have been strengthened by new technology. Cell phones aren't possible without NASA. Velcro, say goodbye to that if NASA wasn't here. Goodbye safety, your airplanes just got more dangerous if you take NASA out of the US. Look at the hospitals even cat scans were developed through NASA. The ear thermometer was invented too. Comfort is another thing. Shoe insoles were improved upon and also was memory foam. The funding isn't there anymore. Say goodbye to the amazing inventions of the future.
Anonymous says2013-05-03T23:27:22.610
USA should fund NASA because it has done more than 182 missions with only 3 failures over the past 58 years. Some of you say that the federal govt will save the poor and homeless if they had money. You don't know USA if you say this because USA would use this 0.5% of their annual expenses to make their military stronger. I don't see a correlation between stronger military and less poor people. But I do see a correlation between stronger military and more killed humans.
Anonymous says2013-05-13T00:56:41.110
A popular misconception about NASA is that it is a very costly program that focuses solely on space; however, this is far from the truth. As of today, NASA’s funding accounts for less than one half of one percent of the federal budget; and while still underfunded, it has produced a variety of technological advances ranging from LEDs to artificial limbs. Furthermore, new technological advances, if funded, will stimulate desperately-needed economic growth in the nation.

NASA has, for decades, stimulated the young minds of future scientists and engineers, encouraging them to not only dream of tomorrow, but to create it as well.

This petition is a start: wh.Gov/t0k6
theta_pinch says2013-12-28T16:55:29.550
Absolutely every negative vote is because "it wastes so much money." This is one of the most ignorant statements possible; NASA gets 0.48% of the budget; less than half a percent! The military gets more than 120 times that amount. Cutting NASA won't do anything! NASA only gets half a penny for every tax dollar. That half a penny is not going to make any difference at all in anyone's life!
theta_pinch says2013-12-28T16:57:59.477
Also here's a link to the stuff they invented that is now being used by a lot of people:
theta_pinch says2014-02-03T00:28:52.030
The ignorance being shown here is appalling.
Monkeeboy_830 says2017-04-10T15:08:35.273
Some of you are correct then you are also incorrect for we have so much money that we do not have to spend it all on just NASA but then we will also not be able to support our army.

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