• Animals feel pain

    Animals just like humans have a nervous system which allows them to feel pain. How would you think it would feel if someone was dragging you by a hook that has been punctured right through your cheek or some other part of your body? Would you want to be shot? I DIDNT THINK SO

  • Hunting Kills Animals!

    Hunting needs to be banned. Animals are like human beings. They should not be killed for any reason. People need to treat animals like their own self. Species of animals are declining due to hunting. Hunters have no limitations and are free to do whatever they like. Hunting needs to be banned!

  • Animals have done nothing to deserve this.

    Think about the harmless animals that haven't been doing anything to people. They get killed for no reason. Some people just want a new fur coat, some need a head on their wall, and others just want to kill for fun. Rabbits, deer, dogs and other animals get killed for stupid things like skins and fur. This will cause extinction and a change needs to happen.

  • Hunting is a form of legal mass murder.

    What serial killers do to people, hunters do to animals. They select, stalk, then kill their innocent victim. The motive of the sport hunter is not survival, it's pleasure, a.k.a. fun. They love killing! And it's not a sport. The animal can't shoot back and doesn't even know it's in the game. Hunters are snipers. They all claim to love and respect nature but kill and wound the best nature has to offer. They destroy what they say they care about. This is thoroughly psychopathic. They are so blinded by their love of killing that they cannot see how immoral it is, not to mention cruel. Taking life for one's own pleasure is as evil as one can get. Hunters are a most despicable bunch.

  • Yes All Hunting should be Banned.

    Hunters love to use the following argument
    >>>"Resources for all creatures is finite. Humans and deer (and other game animals) need room to live, but the room to roam and populate has it's limits. For example, deer populations need to be restricted by the available food limits of their respective habitats. Without hunting, the deer population would grow to the point of encroaching into human areas far worse than now, causing safety issues for humans and animals (many more vehicle/deer collision), and human crops being overrun by a deer population explosion; more deer require more food.<<<

    The true facts are... what you will find for all those who say NO to this question, are a special interest group of Hunters, who like to call themselves "sportsmen" What is wrong with the lame argument above about needing to control population. 1) it is known, that these hunters actually "raise" deer to keep their hunting population going.. 2) if hunters completely left wildlife alone to their natural course. Nature would take care of itself. The environment would thrive, and animals would be balanced out based on each's predatory nature.

    However hunters are a blood thirsty tight knit group.... unlikely to ever want to put down their guns and give up their hobby of "Killing" other living beings for their kicks.

  • Yes all forms of hutning should banned!!!!

    Is there any need to harm animals as a blood sport. Hunting is wrong. Let me explain why I think it is wrong. lot of people go out with hunts in the UK and chase after animals, shoot them. Why, why shoot an animal, is it for fur, meat or just pure pleasure. It is pointless to hunt animals for meat and fur, for human needs, when we have clothes to keep us warm, made out of synthetic (Nylon/ Polyester) or natural plant products like cotton. There is just no reason to wear animal skins, in the modern age. Sure if you want to wer something that looks authantic, there is something called faux fur. And if you are going to eat meat, go to the super market and buy an organic free range chicken. There is simply no need to hunt animals for food and fur anymore, we have the services there. It is also wrong to shoot animals for trophy hunting, hunting animals also impacts on the natural ecosystem, you kill so many of a species they die, then what happens, the local ecosystem goes crazy. Humans need to stop hunting animals before we lose all these wonderful species

  • Sport hunting YES

    Sport hunting should be banned.
    These rednecks just do it for fun, enjoyment and for profit.

    Hunting has endangered many species and sportsmen have NEVER helped them recover.
    It shows sportsmen don't want to recover species, they only care for the money it brings not the species survival.

    Cheetahs faces high mortality rate due to inbreeding issues. Trophy hunters used to hunt them.
    According to many sources they still hunt the Cheetah and Cheetah is a VULNERABLE species.
    They never helped the Cheetah to go back to Least Concern (LC)

    African Lion became vulnerable because of sportsmen. They never helped the lion to go back to Least Concern(LC)
    Recent studies demonstrate that trophy hunting of lions is now the single largest contributor to the decline of the lion population on the African continent. I was right inbred hick hunters does nothing but negativity to the lion survival.

    African Elephant became vulnerable because of sportsmen. They never helped the elephant to go back to (LC)

    Many more vulnerable species in Africa most of them NEVER went back to (LC) Least Concern = Stable survival.
    Many still kill vulnerable species.

    Tiger species became endangered because of hunters and guess what, hunters NEVER helped the tiger to go (LC)

    Extinct in the wild species such as Scimitar oryx, hunters brought them extinct in the wild and don't want to reintroduce them back to the wild... They only exist in ranches and these inbred hunters hunt them in ranch for profit and they oppose the banning of this cruel practice.
    They're too selfish to breed them back to the wild.

    Hunters aren't conservationists they're takers and racketeers.
    They'll waste their money on"

    Worthless trash such as paying thousands of dollars in trophy hunting,
    Canned hunts,
    Feeding animals in ranch that will be hunted,
    Making many reality shows, hunting and trapping shows,
    Wasting millions even billions in brainwashing people and or senators to defend hunting,
    Wasting hundreds of millions to defend hunting.
    Wasting tons of money on buying land for hunting,
    Keeping lots of money in their own pockets,
    Spending a little to restore animals in huntable places,
    Some are wasting money to make online hunting such as the loser sit on their computer to press a key for a robot to shoot an animal in another country.
    Spending ZERO to help animals with non huntable places,
    Is why hunters don't help non huntable species because they don't care and rather waste their money on crap and keep some for their own pockets rather than helping species that truly need urgent help.
    Hunting is like NRA is a business and lobbyists they don't care about anything else but money and getting richer.

    Also sportsmen are soo called anthropocentric environmentalism
    (which is concerned with conservation of the environment only for exploitation by and for human purposes) or otherwise they let it go extinct. Sportsmen never help species with no huntable species. They're the takers not the givers, they do it for profit and selfish desires.

  • Yes, it is cruel.

    I oppose the ignorant and barbaric slaughter of such beautiful and innocent animals by such ignorant rednecks.
    I cannot stand the thought of killing animals for the thrill of it. Hunting must be banned because it's cruel to kill animals. I have a heart and will never dream of hunting animals ever!

  • Stop it is mean!!!

    It's mean and cruel animals don't do not deserve to die this way. I don't care if it's the way you get food eat something else like vegetables or fruit at least those are not killing poor little animals. Also when people put them on display that it disgusting! Unless they died on their own which I doubt you do not need them stuffed!!!!!!

  • I believe that hunting for fun should be banned.

    Now, hunting for food can be justified well enough, but honestly, how many people you know actually hunt to survive? The majority of hunters these days live in a city, have a job, and hunting for them is not a primary source of food whatsoever. They're just having fun walking in the forest and shooting living things. I think shooting living things for fun is sick and wrong, and must be banned.

  • We need to hunt for food.

    We have to eat to survive! Farm animals are not enough, we sell animal's fur because we don't want to throw it away when we eat the animal. ONLY EXTINCT ANIMAL SHOULDN'T BE HUNTED. Hunting is for food. If we don't hunt, animals will be overpopulate and animals will end up in the streets and it will die under a car. Plus some of them will die in the winter anyway.

  • The Bible says no.

    Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. -Genesis 9:3

    Hey, it's Gods will.

    And for all the rest of the religions:

    Animals are rarely ever killed for fun. We hunt for a trophy and a big ol' steak.
    Hunting for fun is called poaching. Highly illegal and frowned upon by hunters worldwide. It is also punishable with jail time and astounding fines.

  • Hunting is a way of life

    People say "animals have feelings" and i think they have some, but not as much as humans. God created humans specially as humans, we have souls. Animals don't have souls, meaning when they die, they don't go to heaven or hell, they just die, it's like killing the weeds in your front yard. Also, many people grew up hunting, that's just something they love to do. You get to sit out in the woods, harvest an animal, and gut it and skin it. Then you get to eat it, which allows you to see the full circle of life. It really is an amazing thing when you think about it.

  • Hunting is how I remember.

    From the time that I was 6 years old, my dad took me deer hunting every year. It was one of the few times that it was just me and him, and it was some of the best times of my life. He taught me to respect the wildlife, and never let anything go to waste. When I was 10 years old, he was diagnosed with leukemia. Even after that, he found a way to take me hunting every year, even though I could see how much it hurt him. When I was 13 years old, he passed away. I am now 17, and I still go hunting every year. It is one of the only times that I can feel at peace. When I am out there in the mountains, I feel like he is still with me. If you want to take that away from me, then go ahead and try, but I sure won't let it go without a fight.

  • Support real hunters

    I hope all of the people who support the ban are vegetarians. Otherwise they are guilty of "hunting." They may not go out and kill the animal, but they are guilty of consuming it. Animals taken to slaughter for meat in the supermarket are killed in a much less humane manner than hunting. Hunting is not for fun. Hunting is for food. People enjoy putting food on the table for their families, just like the non-hunters. Those who are opposed to hunting may not have all the facts. Hunters don't go into the forest and kill the first animal that crosses their path, they wait for the right deer (3 1/2 yr old deer or older) before they shoot. The older the deer, the more meat, and every year the deer is alive; the less likely the deer will survive the next harsh winter. I live in a sub-division that everyone has at least an acre. We have white-tail deer everywhere and they get hit by cars and die slowly on the side of the road. If their numbers were thinned out, there wouldn't be so many hit by cars and there wouldn't be malnourished deer, with their ribs showing, in the winter months as the deer compete for food. There are a lot of people who throw out corn for the deer thinking it will sustain them; it's like trying to sustain your child on candy. There is no nutritional value to corn. The deer that are hit most in our sub-division are the deer that are crossing the road to get to the corn feeders. I would much rather see a deer shot and killed in a humane way than watch deer starve to death during the winter or starve to death as their teeth grind down (due to age) and they are unable to keep food in their mouths long enough to swallow it. I agree that there are unethical hunters, it would be ignorant to think otherwise, but most hunters follow the ethical laws of hunting. Those are the hunters and hunting that I support.

  • Hunting is reasonable.

    I believe in hunting. If you eat meat, you are killing an animal in the process. I believe it is necessecary to hunt once in your life to learn where your food comes from. I dont think it is correct to kill an animal and just leave it. I think if you are going to shoot a deer, then you should use all its meat and bones and hide and antlers for every reason you can.

  • No, it shouldn't be banned for multiple reasons and of which will be explained below.

    First off hunting is a way of life for many people, it is how they grew up and loved to do. If there aren't hunters there will be over population and will start disease, forcing animals into the city. Plus with that those animals will suffer from disease and it keeps the animal population controlled. But with species that the population becomes low and is no longer hunted till the population is back up. This is how we have lived for thousands of years and it should stay that way.

  • Hunting is morally correct, economically correct and biologically correct.

    For us Christians we believe that God created every thing perfectly and we also believe that the Bible is the supreme guide for morality. If we take a look at our mouths we will notice that we were given molars to chew through meat. We can also find written in the Bible: "Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you." So that makes hunting morally correct.
    We humans need meat in order to survive because we need the vitamin B12 and proteins. If we do not consume this vitamin we could end-up having anemia, which in severe cases leads to leukemia. Research shows that we can also get protein from nuts but nuts have cholesterol and sugar which leads to other illness. So that makes it also biologically correct.
    Hunting is also a source of income for farmers, thus making it economically correct because it starts to rotate the fabled economic wheel of one creating sales and profit for the other.
    My final reason would be that as we know animals are creatures that relay on instinct and there for produce a lot of young which can lead to over population causing disease between animals leading to an illness in us humans. Such as the recent Bird flu and Swine flu. An over population of animals can also force the animals into the city causing bitter disasters. For example recently in London [in London fox hunting is not allowed] a young girl was attacked by a fox for hunger reasons.
    I would also like to say a piece of my county's history in Malta during the stay of the Cavaliers of Saint John or better known as the knights of Malta banned hunting on types of animals including wild rabbit. That year the harvest was ruined, forcing the country to import more food from Sicily resulting in an increase in taxation to pay for the products this led to the revolt of the priests.
    I would like to conclude with this quote -With great power comes great responsibility-. The reason for this quote is that I believe that although hunting has its pros we must use it responsibly avoiding cruelty to animals and restoring balance.

  • Why people, why?

    Hunting is good, so good it makes good look....not good. So be good and don't think good is good enough because if you want to not hunt then that means no food and die of hunger to your grave. So be who you are cause this be America where American, Mexicans and French people live. Full of great people like Mr. Hershey and HE had to hunt chocolate bars. SO LET HUNTING STAY IN THIS GREAT EARTH GREATEST PLANET GREATEST PERSON and the greatest person is the guy right next to me. Don't think I'm pulling on your arm this is for real.

  • Without animals all of the world would be vegetarian.

    Animal should be hunted for three reasons. Number one, animal hunting is a sport. Number two, animals feed us too. Last but not the least animals make us be alive. What I think is that people that are vegetarians are like mutants because only 6.7% people of the world are vegetarians , while 93.3% eat meat.

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Noswad63 says2013-03-19T19:46:58.600
Apparently people cant hunt for fresh meat anymore without others judging and bashing them. What has this world come to.
Anonymous says2013-03-26T19:47:38.327
The reason I think we should ban hunting because they are killing all of our animals. Pretty soon they will be extinct. Lions, deer, bears, birds, and many more. It distroys our outlook on animals. Especially for the people that shoot them but dont take them. So they're just wondering around with a wound sticking out of its body getting infected. Its pretty pathetic and sad.
Noswad63 says2013-03-27T02:16:57.720
Killing endangered species is consider poaching, also deer aren't going extinct wherever you heard that is a complete lie, hunting for deer, boars, and other species of wild game is to keep their population in check. If they over-populate there wont be enough food to go around many will stave slowly and die painfully, the humane thing is to kill them and keep the population down.
Anonymous says2013-04-29T13:33:25.597
Hunting is bad because thousands of animals die from it
Anonymous says2013-04-29T20:20:06.653
So sad why they should not they should falllll
Anonymous says2013-05-02T10:09:35.440
Noswad63 is right. Even though I'm against hunting, I agree with Noswad63. Hunting of endangered animals should stop, though
Anonymous says2013-05-03T11:02:37.973
I don't think many people actually understand what we are. We are animals. No matter how you play it, how you describe how 'advanced' we are and how many believe we are God's gift to the earth, we're no more above or below the fox I see roaming the fields. We are omnivores. That means we eat fruits, vegetables, berries, roots etc, but also meat. Meat from animals. I agree that trophy hunting is ridiculous, but hunting for food? Hunting for food is, apart from reproduction, the most natural thing we can do, and all these people preaching that "deer and boar will become extinct" are completely wrong. In fact, the people who think it's better to eat meat and vegetables from some farm they'll never see are the ones killing off the more rare animals on this planet. Animals such as Bears and Wolves, both under threat of being killed off in many areas, are being cleared out, trapped and shot because of angry farmers who need more land to support the food many people eat - meat and vegetables. So take a look at yourselves, 'Yes' voters, and decide whether eating a few deer every year from the far overpopulated herd is worse than killing off another pack of wolves or family of bears so you can eat your steak or salads.
Anonymous says2013-05-09T18:08:50.153
Hunting should not be banned becasue these animals we hunt kill humans more annualy that humans kill humans. These animals cary diseases too.
Anonymous says2013-05-15T19:15:02.803
This is the reason I hunt, and I'm sure some can agree.

Waking up early morning around 4:30am, slapping on all your clothes only thinking of the reason you got up. Today, is hunting day. Your wide awake driving down the highway, got your best friend (and hunting buddy) beside you, both with a coffee from timmies. Finally reach your destination, with a few laughs on the way. All your gear is ready and you start walking into the bush, you start to talking less and focus on whats around you. Suddenly you feel at peace and start developing a bond with the forest, you look around you and focus on details you never really thought mattered, you notice how tall some trees get, how big, and how many there are. The moss around your feet, around the rocks, and trees and just how much there is. And then you think of how many different types of animals there are (of coarse you think of the small ones first) like, chipmunks, partridge (one of the most popular game animals), rabbits, foxes, deer, moose, wolves. This feeling of fear develops, but its alright cause you have your gun (we use a bow) with you so your safe, feeling you get, so you continue on. Walking through the forest, something catches your eye on the side, you look over to your amazement.Its a moose.Suddenly your .22 isn't big enough anymore. Your frozen, but not scared, so you watch the moose. A true respect is developed for the animal. In this case, this is where us hunters would to some people shoot the moose cause we like killing all animals. I think its safe to say those people have zero idea of a true hunting experience.You both move on. You feel the true pulse of nature. Its safe and lethal all in one, all the time. To all animals its survival of the fittest, bottom line. When we hunt we have a weapon that allows us to take our target animal down one shot, when animals hunt they attack one on one, or with wolves, in packs. When we shoot the animal our wepon is designed to bring it down on impact, when animals hunt the tear, rip, and claw, other wise suffering as long as it's fighting back, sometimes it can take a good hour. Again i think its safe to say that our way of "cruel hunting" is the way id rather see them go. I understand that people don't understand why we hunt, but its population control. When there's an over population of insects, its terrible and everyone partakes in killing them all. Eventually all those insects will be at a normal population control again, but every time you see that insect you still kill it. Is that anymore different then hunting? But that being said its not like every time we see a partridge we kill it, or anything bigger or smaller. That is the reason there are seasons, they breed the population climbs, the season opens. And you work for that animal, if your the fun type of hunter, hunters that stay in vehicles that i don't understand, you search for your animal, maybe see a few incredible once in a lifetime things on the way, enjoy the outdoors, fresh air, and feel the respect for your surroundings. In the whole time you read this message did you feel any of that? That, is another reason to go out hunting.
Anonymous says2013-05-16T18:42:40.983
Nice story. In my opinion it's a rather silly comparison to compare insects to animals. Secondly, your weak argument that animals "tear" and "claw" their prey while you kill "humanely" is laughable at best. Animals "tear" and "claw" their prey at their own device because that is all they have to survive. Perhaps if they had guns and arrows at their disposal and were taught how to use them then they wouldn't have the need to "claw" and "tear" at its prey.
I was brought up in a family where my father hunted to provide for his family so I have no problem with hunting, provided its for the sole purpose to survive, whether its in North America or in the rest of the world.
My issue is with the Trophy Hunters, in particular the ones that travel to Africa . Many companies disperse the meat of a downed animal such as a wildebeest, Kudu, Gazelle etc, to the local tribes people after the hunt, many companies don't. My issue and disgust is with the farmers in Africa that raise beautiful lions for the sole purpose of Trophy Hunting and for pure profit. Its sickening to see these majestic animals propped up with their mouths open to mimic a roar, while the gun toting hunters are grinning from ear to ear. I've exchanged many words with the men and women that hunt these beautiful lions. They with use phrases like "population control" and if you can believe this one "conservation". Where does killing an incredible Male/Female lion fall into "population control or conservation". When a male lion is shot in the wild, his pride no longer has their protection, and other male lions take over that pride killing all of the offspring of the shot/killed male lion ( to have their own genes introduced into the pride) disturbing the already delicate balance of the lion population. I was told once to "get a life by one of these hunters" among other things. To those hunters I say "Get a life instead of taking one". It's disturbing enough that they hunt the resident lions let alone the ones that are raised to be killed.
Anonymous says2013-05-20T17:27:27.253
That's a great way to creat a bond with the forest and nature, killing it off. Hunting for fun is just sick, animals have rights, at least the one to live. What gain do you get when you kill an animal. Do you feel proud, taking the life of a living creature. When hunting for food, that's another thing. You don't need to kill the poor dear in the forest, just raise animals of your own and kill them. See how hard it is, when you raised the animal and its like family to you. The animals in the forest have family's too. Bunnies, Quale,deer. Haven't you hunters seen Bambi? That story doesn't lie. Animals are killed, leaving young to have to live on there own. But Bambi was lucky, not all animals had other family to raise them. Most baby's die alone in the wild. Don't say you end their suffering by killing them, if you were the reason their suffering in the first place.
Anonymous says2013-05-30T21:06:59.507
You should hunt because if you do you will be healthy plus deer and turkey are over populated.
Anonymous says2013-06-10T23:29:54.617
Well, the turkeys and deer are over-populating because tons of ignorant people decided to kill the natural predators that keep the populations of passive animals leveled. Get your meat from healthy farms, not poor innocent forest animals!
Anonymous says2013-06-30T19:00:59.533
Today I was observing a organization that kills foxes. Their logic for doing so is,"They are pests and their population needs to be controlled.". Following that logic, why don't they just kill humans? We're far more populated than the animal kingdom and arguably more pest like.
Anonymous says2013-07-28T19:10:03.543
I agree with the last guy. Just watch the first episode of TERRA NOVA!
Anonymous says2013-09-16T15:00:46.743
Hunting's a far more ethical source of food than stores that lock their animals in small cages. It gets to roam free, like animals should.
kawaii_crazy says2013-09-23T21:09:45.087
What does the picture have to do with the topic?
Clientferg says2014-02-10T18:43:59.587
If hunting stops overpopulation will occur and diseases will pass from animal to animal until even the domesticated animals get the same disease. When the wild animals die they can contaminate our resources from water to the crops.
Aksldfaefaklfjklasjklfb says2014-02-14T00:08:35.917
"oh no don't step on the insects" "Don't refrigerate your stuff that could be home to millions of (bacteria) lives with potential to evolve into animals too!!"

In reality if a species is not benefiting another the stronger one will eat the other if they are hungry or kill if they are threatened or for pride or whatever.

I don't care that I step on insects bees yes i will feel bad cus they are our honey. There are certain situations where animals shouldn't be killed like dogs or horse or kittens or whatever that's because they serve us purpose and we help them survive too.

Oh and almost forgot food? Umm hello? Are you all who are saying yes all vegetarian? Just face reality already. You wouldn't want to live anymore if you couldn't have your beef mcdonald hamburgers you fatties complaining about a natural man sport on the comp. Getalife.

I could also make a model of the eventual outcome of banning animal hunting. More and more laws force people to be so peaceful that every aggressive man will die out from natural selection (eventually) we would become an easy target nation because we would literally have low war strength and either a foreign nation that was like old us takes over or we create weapons that make us not have to worry about our conscious and we will kill everyone in the world while sippin our tea like lil smart girls and then kill ourselves because we realize how pointless life becomes so in conclusion no animal hunting obviously will never and should not be banned.
supergerty says2014-04-05T19:42:26.483
Anti hunters, environmentalists, and animal lovers all want us to coexist and accept each other for who we are. Ok then, i love animals and i hunt, accept me for who i am
james77 says2015-01-21T16:15:58.637
How many vegetarians are out there because chickens beef and all that have to be killed
friendofGod says2015-02-17T18:11:58.340
Here are several points to consider one deer population will over run habitats will be destroyed economies of the states will plummet more people will get Lyme disease from ticks and other animals environmental scientists would be irritated because the forest fauna and flora will be gone
friendofGod says2015-02-17T18:24:40.120
Okay if you live out west most of our hunting sales goes toward wildlife conservation organizations and bye bye Cabala's big game stores and hunting keeps population from over expanding
ishootsquirrels says2015-03-09T04:28:32.650
If hunting is ever banned, the people who made it will starve. We will thrive.
lilpixiesmith says2015-03-10T14:05:45.540
Most people are becoming vegans and vegetarians these days anyways so it really doesn't matter if they take away hunting rights. Meat is murder. Did you know it takes over 100 cows to make 1 mcdonalds burger?
lexitheturtle says2015-03-10T14:06:21.720
I agree with lilpixiesmith obama should take away the guns that are being used to kill harmless and helpless animals. The difference between hunting with guns and having a gun for protection is you don't go out and shoot a animal with your gun unless it is attacking you and 99.9% of animals are scared of you....
lilpixiesmith says2015-03-10T14:08:26.863
People take advantage of their guns which are used for protection and they use them for fun or their own needs. Guns are mean't for protection not murder.
stephannoi says2015-06-14T07:45:42.150
Why should this be a question at all?Ofcourse it shouldn't be banned.We are living creature.We need to hunt animals for food.
stephannoi says2015-06-14T07:47:28.937
And if that person kill animals just only for fun then they should be responsible of what they are doing.
stephannoi says2015-06-14T07:48:24.783
However I think animals species hunting that nearly go to extinct should be banned.
stephannoi says2015-06-14T07:50:32.003
But to banned animal hunting completely is stupid.Animal also kill other animals for food.We are living creature just like them.So I think we have right to hunt animals.It's nothing wrong with that.
John_Ostroff says2015-11-02T22:56:20.783
This must be where the morons go to die.
mp55555 says2016-04-15T01:19:23.513
Noswad63, its 2016, we have so many food choices and we need to hunt to survive? What has this world come to.
Sara_kitten says2018-05-25T22:32:39.477
Hunting is sickening, I don't care what anybody says! Animals don't come into our land to kill us so we shouldn't go in there. We shouldn't play God and kill them off, that isn't our job!
John_Ostroff says2019-08-09T13:20:15.827
Stupid f***ing hippies.

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