• They should be kept in zoos for educational purposes.

    Individual interaction with exotic animals face-to-face allows an experience that promotes wonder to enter our lives. Without the wonder of the encounters that they experience, people will quickly lose interest in safeguarding the few wild places that are left in our world. Exhibits and programs about Earth's aquatic ecosystems also became important parts of most zoos' public-education efforts.

  • Human protection around animals

    If one of a zoo’s tiger was let out of its cage
    What do you think it would do? Would it come
    And snuggle up to you and be your friend?
    Or would it attack you! Well it would defiantly
    Not come and snuggle up to you and that is why
    We have to make sure all dangerous animals
    Are kept in a cage were no humans can get
    Physically hurt!

    Imagine you would have to live with grizzly
    Bears out side your house and you can’t leave
    The house knowing that you and your family
    Are going to be safe. Well that is were an cage
    Or enclosure comes in handy. Lots of zoos
    Are making sure that we feel safe around
    Animals at all times.

  • They can hurt people

    If animals was not in zoos they would be hurting people and the lions would be killing people when they are hungry and the bears would be eating people and the animals not have no were to live and they would be all around people houses and the monkeys would be in trees and jumpin on people.

  • Animals live longer

    When they're in good zoos. If they are out in the wild, they can dye from lack of food, droughts, predators, diseases, and natural disasters. At zoos there are veterinarians on hand, constant food, and there are no predators. A good zoo will prolong the life of an animal. So long as they're taken proper care of, animals should be kept in zoos.

  • For the education of children

    Zoos provide education and conservation. Children are taught about the value of endangered animals so that they understand the importance of conservation when they visit.They learn by having a close encounter with animals.They can see,listen,smell or even touch the animals.This cannot be done by watching television. So zoos are great place for children to learn about conservation of wild animals

    Posted by: ajaa
  • Animals couldn't survive without us.

    They are kept in a well looked after environment where they are able to be in the same habitat as the wild. They are fed their normal diet and keepers make them hunt for their food in hiding spots, so it is not like they are taken away from the wild. We can monitor them and help prevent extinction. Would you like our magnificent animals to die out, knowing that we could of helped?

  • They should! YES

    If animals are not kept in zoos we will not be here now.....Animals are not well trained and it could cause danger and harm. Furthermore, the animals might roam the world and it would be crazy....(I think).....Animals have friends like their own type and the zookeepers too! So animals should be kept in zoos.

  • Yes, under certain circumstances.

    In the state in which I live, all of the animals that have come to the zoo here are because they cannot be in the wild for whatever reason. Perhaps they were injured at one point and it is believed that they would not make it in the wild, or because they were treated as a domestic animal early in life and do not have the skills to survive in the wild. There are also a few animals that would prove threatening to human life if they were allowed to roam. Still, I see frighteningly relate-able anxiety in the eyes of the larger primates trapped in their glass cages, and this does make me question the role of the zoo.

  • Animals should be kept in zoos I agree?

    Animals should be kept in zoo because in the wild they have hunt and find food. In the zoos they get daily food and are cared for. Animals should be kept in zoos because all the animals would be extinct by now if it wasn’t for zoos. Animals should be treated with great respect. If they are kept in zoos in order to educate society, then efforts must be put forth guarantee their comfort. For example, they should receive a natural, wild setting and should be given the same type of food they would normally eat. Zoos are a trade off, but it is possible to operate them to integrity.

    Zoos keep animals safe. Zoos are a place where animals are protected. They cannot be killed by people, or killed by predators. Animals should be kept in zoos, because they provide educational help for kids to learn about animals, without the risk of injury to themselves or the animals. Also some animals are endangered and are better off kept in zoos with a safe, protected environment without being hurt by their predators.

    We are not locking the animals or caging them. It just that, they are trying to help animals to be safer and get feed everyday and take good care of them. We do know that animals need there freedom but in the zoo they are more safer and they have space to run and play around with their friends.

  • Animals should be kept in zoos!!!!

    The animals will be extinct and not all species can survive in the wild as there are a lot of poachers in the jungle and they would find anything that they could find to become their food and the stuff they are going to sell. It will be safer for the animals to be in the zoo even though it does not really benefit them. ANIMALS SUCH AS ELEPHANTS, TIGERS, LIONS, POLAR BEARS AND MANY MORE ARE GETTING EXTINCT AROUND THE WORLD. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS MY FRIEND THE NEW NEW NEW.....WE'LL KEEP ON FIGHTING TILL THE END.....

  • Animals should not be kept in zoos!

    Animals are equally precious and should equally share God’s earth as humans instead of being caged like they are in jail. How would feel if you were locked in a cage for the rest of your life? How would you feel if you were always on exhibition? Animals should not be not be caged. They should be in the wilderness with their families. I therefore strongly believe that animals are better off in the wild.
    Firstly, animals should live in their natural habitat and be allowed to roam freely because animals’ natural instincts will vanish if they are caged in zoos. Also, some animals are forced to live in climates that they are not accustomed to and this is cruel. For example, the elephant is accustomed to live in tropical climates but is forced to live in zoos in cold countries like Canada.
    Additionally, animals are physically and mentally healthier in the wild than in zoos. They are able to have more exercise as they can run around and hunt in larger land spaces in the wilderness. Zoos do not have such large spaces. Caged animals do not know what it is to naturally hunt their food or to explore their environment and to select a mate. This I am sure can be mentally depressing for animals. Also not being able to climb, hunt and run will make the animals obese. In the wild animals are not able to eat their natural foods instead of artificial foods given in some zoos. And these unnatural foods will make the animals sick.
    Even though animals can be healthier in the wilderness you might be concerned that animals are being hunted and killed for pleasure or for selling animal parts such ivory from elephants. There is no need to worry. In some countries such as the United States of America, Africa and Canada there are laws against hunting certain types of animal, especially those that are endangered such as elephants, the white tiger and Rhinoceros.
    Allowing animals to be free is better for them because they will be allowed to see the beauty of the world just like humans. They should be allowed to live natural healthy lives in the wild. Remember we can share this world with animals without harming and being cruel to them. I positively believe that animals should not be kept in zoos. Please leave a comment and a like and please not copyrights .

  • Not at all

    No because they live longer in their natural habitat the star from free willy died from chewing on the edge of the pool so i think they should stay in their natural habitat they should not be held in captivity people could go on cruises or go to mountains or forests their is no reason at all

  • Inbreeding in zoos

    Tigers are inbred in zoos so they can have the white gene which everyone loves. The rest of the litter whom are orange will be killed straight. The very reason we love wild animals are because they are majestic. How can you expect them to be majestic when they are locked up and being constantly disturbed by shouting children. If you want to see an animal at its best, take it to its natural habitat

  • Why shouldn't we just lock humans up in zoos?

    Animals are no different from us they walk, talk, eat, sleep and do things we do so why would this be fair that we lock them up in cages and stare at them? Imagine yourself in a cage are you happy, sad, angry or excited? In that case why shouldn't we just lock humans up in zoos?

  • dude...... like totally

    Like one time i was going around the zoo and this one chimpanzee was looking at me thru the glass and he looked so sad... I couldn't stand seeing him that sad and i knew the zoo was like responsible for him being sad.......ANIMALS SHOULD NOT BE KEPT IN ZOOS BECAUSE IT IS INHUMANE AND MAKES THEM SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • They deserve the freedom we humans have.

    Well, people might see them as a threat or something else in their eyes. However, they still deserve equality like the humans have. They are also living things that should have the same rights, having freedom and do their own things which we human beings do. It is cruel to lock them up in a cage, instead of letting them to live their way they want in the wildlife. Some might argue that it is use for wildlife conservation, preventing endangered species from going extinct. But, in fact, the percentage of endangered species in most zoos is probably a small 3-5%? So, why cage them when their lives could probably be better in nature?

  • No, they should not! It's like keeping animals in a jail cell!

    I don't think it's right to keep them in captivity, they're animals... They are meant to be free! They are abused in zoos, by being kept in a cage they aren't being true animals. They are being separated from their families, it isn't good for their health with all the noise and all the stress that is put on them!

  • What happens to species bred in zoos?

    Originally, animals were all kept in the wild. They have special abilities that let them survive. If we keep breeding animals in captivity, the species will change and none of them will know how to survive wildly. All animals will be genetically engineered and will have to be carefully watched over.

  • It's horrible for animals to be kept in zoos .

    They should stay where they were born out in the wild. It's cruel to be taken away from their home and they have a tiny amount of space in a cage at the zoo. The people who take them wouldn't like it would they so leave them in peace they have to be responsible for their life.

  • Animals shouldn't be kept in captivity!!!!

    This is because they have feelings too. They have a life just like us they have a life to live it to be free and they are now just kept in cages! What if someone put you in a cage?? You wouldn't like it, would you? Well just like you wouldn't like it they wouldn't either.

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Anonymous says2013-04-15T19:58:11.260
Zoos keep them safe so they wont get hurt
Anonymous says2013-05-14T22:16:41.250
It is not true that zoos keep animals safe
Anonymous says2013-08-26T00:04:57.067
I disagree that animals should be kept in zoos because they will die faster.
iloveanimals says2014-03-08T20:38:15
Zoos do keep them safe but dont you want to see them happy in there own habitat
roxyheart21bling says2014-03-19T23:35:01.873
Thanks usernames joshua, alyssaa, katiemarie144, and hd91!!! ;)
I have to write a debt essay right now for 8th grade and i might as well use the best!!!
FabianPlaysMC says2014-04-28T11:16:48.447
Animals should be kept in zoos as some animals are already endangered and if they continue to be in the wild, they would become extinct because of overhunting.
Nutella149 says2016-01-05T17:40:12.050
Zoos are just trapping in an animal and they probably want to go to there real home but zoos keep them safe but i dought that animals like that because there like in jail!!!
Gamapo says2016-01-21T17:36:35.590
Hello, i just want to say that where i come from, reality, animals are dumb creatures that really don't care where they live, and, in fact, rely enjoy zoos due to the fact that they don't need to hunt, hide, or fight! Heh! Isn't it funny? Reality is a great place! You all should visit sometime!
NachoCheeseee says2016-07-31T23:44:35.553
ummmm_hi says2017-02-08T13:08:45.707
Zookeepers mistreat their animals by starving them and torturing them! The animals are more likely to live longer in the wild because they have food to their liking and they are not living in a torture chamber filled with people!
lifeper says2018-02-27T16:56:13.087
Chaidh na ciad chuspairean Gallup - dà fhireannach agus dà chnpansees boireann - a chur ann an seòmar a-mhàin airson dà latha. An uairsin chaidh sgàthan slàn a chur ris an t-seòmar agus chaidh na h-ath-sgrùdaidhean aca a sgrùdadh.

An toiseach, rinn na chimps (nach robh riamh air sgàthan fhaicinn roimhe) giùlan cunnartach aig na faileasan aca. Ach mu dheireadh thòisich iad air an sgàthan a chleachdadh airson giùlan freagairt fhèin-stiùiridh, mar a bhith a 'giùlan àiteachan cruaidh, a' togail nan nòsan aca, a 'dèanamh aodann agus builgeanan a shèideadh iad fhèin.
lifeper says2018-03-12T13:49:08.823
Hey anonymous they will live longer but they will not reproduce therefore making them more endangered and stuff
GEOTUS says2019-12-09T22:08:27.897
Anyone who has watched any zoologically educational movie or TV show, As simple as "Zaboomafoo" knows that there as a fine line between animals that live in the wild and animals that are born and raised in captivity. The animals raised in captivity are the animal Kingdom's equivalent to rich people. They're used to having everything they want or need handed to them. Wild animals are like hobos. They die more often, And are not promised their next meal of they're carnivorous or their next day if they're herbivores. Omnivores ae in between. Release the zoo animals from captivity and the tables turn. Sure, Their instincts might kick in, But it'd be kind of like a drunk person. Sure, They're the same person as before they got drunk, But their senses are dulled. The instincts of the animal aren't as sharp as one raised in the wild. So, The wild animals would take advantage of the newly released animals, And most of the animals released would become hunted by wild animals. Humans and pets fit in the equation as creatures that the newly released animals could prey on. Overall, It's just a crappy idea with way too many factors to consider. And kids would know a lot less about that big grey thing that's been walking around their neighborhood, Digging in the trash (aka a silver backed gorilla. ) or that big, Beige cat on the playground (aka a mountain lion).

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