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  • They feel pain.

    Animals have feelings, they feel pain. And some the people are killing them for meat, fins, leaving them to bleed to death. I am 15 and I am on my way towards being a vegetarian. Our intestines are designed as such that we are all vegetarians, these animals could be extinct anytime. And it wouldnt kill us to eat vegetables. Why waste a life of an animal just to have a meal or two for the day? I hope someday everyone realizes that it is wrong and stop being such selfish creatures ourselves.

  • Equality in all forms.

    If one truly wanted to treat animals like humans, people would leave animals to their own devices without any social influence whatsoever. Humans have the right to that, and it is an undeniable right to any species. Would a dog like the sit at a table like a human? Probably not, but through evolution without "human" constraints, higher capacities of thought may be created. There are certain animals that are smarter than their average counterpart. Is domestication really ethical, when it comes right down to it? If certain animals are intrinsically curious, is it right of us to stop them, even if the chance of endangerment occurs (itself often caused by human interference). Dogs are domesticated, but their ancestors weren't dependent on it, domestication itself being of social condition engineering.

    Treating every animal like an individual, letting them do what they wish. Within our own frame of reality, if a certain animal wishes to live with humans, let him/her. If an animal wants to live away, let them. Unfortunately in our society street animals do not have readily available food, either prepared or wild, so many starve.

  • Just Read Everything And It Might You Get Into Tears; Anways.... Animals Should Have The Rights To Be Respected

    I know you have heard this over and over, but animals truly have feelings and emotions. So, all of the people out there that does not agree that animal should have the same respect as human, then I'll tell you this.... Even though humans are humans, and animals are animals, but we are both mammals. And even if they were animals, they can't even defend or help themselves if they were to be in a slaughter house. You know why? Cause WE, us people are too strong for animals, so all the slaughter house workers that kills animals.... Do you think they are gonna have a consequence cause they killed so many animals? Yes.
    Lemme tell you a story. There was once this guy who was a slaughter man who killed pigs, but before he killed them, he would always abuse or have cruelty to them, like cutting their tongues, or ears off. So, one day when he was at home there was to mouses fighting on his television, and all of a sudden a knife fell ( that is where he always puts his knife to kill the pigs ), and cutter his tongue off... But do you want to know the scary part? The same way he abused the pig, the same feeling happened to him. So, that day, that guy died the same way he would to kill those pigs.... Shameful... How shameful.... Are you crying right now? You should... So all of those who read this, did you change your mind yet ( that you should treat animals with respect like humans )? So, if you were wondering why I wrote this, it is because everyday everyone makes a mistake but doesn't realizes it. So, if anyone realizes the mistake first, should warn the others what's their mistake. And if you were thinking who I am.... I live in Camden, and NO I'm not like a lot of people who behaves rudely, I am an educator, so no matter where you live and what's its history, you are who you are, and is made of how you want yourself to be. And sorry my name is Anonymous. Hope you enjoy my suggestion. And 8 words... ANIMALS SHOULD HAVE THE RIGHTS TO BE RESPECTED!

  • Yes because we are just smart animals as well. We are really just animals as well but we evolved smarter

    We are smarter than animals but that doesnt mean we are better. They are pretty smart too and I think that we should be more sympathetic. So next time you are feeding your pet cat or dog or fish or whatever don't fed it cat food out of a tin ect. Just give it some proper food (tip, cats love frozen mice you can get them from any good farm shop) so that is why I think that animals should be treated like humans, although maybe putting a Chihuahua in a wedding dress is a bit much, they do have fur you know!

  • Yes

    Animals are born into this world without question every day. Many are treated like garbage on the street. Animals should be treated with the same respect as a human being. They may not be as intelligent, but they are smart in their own way, and they are always caring and unconditionally loving to humans regardless of their actions. They definitely deserve more human-like rights In this cruel world.

  • They are just like us

    I think that animals should be treated the same because my dog cares about me as if i am her brother and she looks after me all day. Also she has feelings just like me and she always cries when i get hurt i am only 11 but she is still like my brother.

  • Animals deserve this

    Yes, animals should be treated like humans. They also have the right to live. We should not harm them unnecessarily. Killing animals for food is totally illegal. They get hurt, they feel and they do everything basically just like we do. Think,what would had happened if we were in place of them.

  • They're just like us

    They are literally like us in every way. I'm 16 and a vegan, after having my dog I realized how human-like she was. She DOES have a personality. If my baby girl acts the way she does, so do cows. So do pigs. So do chickens. I would never hurt my dog, why would i hurt any other animal. Whats the differnce between the two?? Just remember theres only one step from slaughtering an animal to slaughtering an animal.

  • Yes! We should

    Our intestines are designed as such that we are all vegetarians, these animals could be extinct anytime. And it wouldnt kill us to eat vegetables. Why waste a life of an animal just to have a meal or two for the day? I hope someday everyone realizes that it is wrong and stop being such selfish creatures ourselves.Animals have feelings, they feel pain. And some the people are killing them for meat, fins, leaving them to bleed to death. I am 15 and I am on my way towards being a vegetarian.

  • If Only Animals Could Use Verbal Language

    Animals have intelligence, feelings, and vulnerabilities just like humans. Humans are mammals, have we forgotten? If animals could use verbal language they would tell you this themselves. If you pay attention you will hear them use different sounds and body movements to communicate. If you look even more carefully you will see subtle expressions. Please stop and take a look, more carefully, and you will see too. Thanks.

  • No. Animals are not anywhere the same as humans.

    Animals do not have feelings or emotions. Everything is based around survival. Also, humans are born with meat eating teeth for a reason. We are omnivores, we eat animals and plants, it's completely natural to kill. Does a fox be nice to a rabbit because rabbits should have rights? No.

  • With rights come responsibilities.

    If all members of the animal kingdom are equal in rights, then that would mean they are also equal in responsibilities. If a lion kills a gazelle, then that would be murder.

    We are not the only intelligent species (apes, dogs, and dolphins are similar to us), that doesn't mean all animals are intelligent.

    It's okay to give equality to blacks, Asians, old people, young people, Jews, women, short people, gays, etc., and maybe some cruelty protection on animals, but NEVER animal rights. This will create a slippery slope that will lead to protection of plants, algae, mocroorganisms, viruses, and eventually rocks. Save the rights for humans.

  • Why should we?

    Animals are animals, and humans are humans. We all live on this planet we call Earth and are connected by a series of communities all around us. Why should the wilderness be involved when we aren't expecting them too? Animals are killers, so are humans, but at least humans do what they do for a reason. Countless animals including the Box Jellyfish casually kill a human unknowingly and feel no remorse afterwards. Is there guilt in getting mad with animals? No, there aren't any! Yeah, they suffer sometimes but that is no exception to treat them like humans. We don't even treat humans like humans. We all have a sense of morality, we're all living creatures, but that necessarily doesn't mean we should care about each other. Do you want to forget about those who are starving, those who were victimized of rape, those families who have lost a loved one to murder or cancer? Some animals don't have self- consciousness meaning no brain to feel pain. Argue against it, but animals don't have duties we people have. Do you know why human brains aren't researched enough? It's because we are more susceptible to understanding or feeling pain and responding to it unlike animals who in some cases don't even respond at all. Should we feel bad? Yes, but should we really care? Not really. We can be open- minded to the ideas of considering animals are alive, but not to take it as far as treating them with moral standards.

  • Animals should definitely, not be treated like Humans.

    The human race survived because it has always adapted itself to the environment, and has eaten whatever was suitable for its survival.

    Today we are mixing animal torture with eating of animals to survive. If I kill an animal (whatever it is) for pleasure, that should not be considered as something right to do. However, if I kill an animal to eat (so that my species survive) that is very human.

    Animals can never be treated the same level as humans. Those persons who think they are doing so just because, they dress them up, take them to check up, play with them etc... That has nothing to do with treating animals like humans. Animals have different instincts and if we love them we should respect them that way not try to make them live like us. Come on....

  • People are animals too

    Throughout my younger years, I watched many nature specials on TV. I watched many Disney movies. All the prey died without a whimper, and the good animals survived. It was a twisted affair nothing like reality. In reality, life feeds on life. And life isn't fair. Life is pretty grim and brutal, for most of the creatures on this planet. For example, many carnivores eat their prey while it is still alive. Creatures have evolved many slow, painful ways to kill, from an alligator twisting off limbs to a hyena eating the entrails of a struggling buffalo, to a slow painful death by snake bite.

    The human animal is no exception. We have committed epic genocides of our species in terribly inventive ways. Those genocides are perpetual. There is always a war going on in some part of the world, and wars don't distinguish between men, women, and children. There are wars going on in country, where tens of thousands are murdered every year. Millions are victims of violent crime every year.

    So, when I see a baby cow in a pen, or a chicken in a cage, you'll have to forgive me if I don't have a problem with it. When animal testing finds a cure for a malady, I'm not worried about the state of that animal. When I crate trained my dog, I didn't think "but he's like our child in a cage!" I thought, "he's a dog, and will be happier with a place of his own." Now that he's older, where do you think his favorite place to be is? The only thing that makes us different from animals is speech, and we really aren't better off having it.

  • Animals taste too good.

    They really do, but that's not the only reason why they shouldn't be treated the same as humans. Firstly, according to the Bible, animals were given to humans for us to eat. Secondly, animals play a very, very, if any, microscopic role in the development of our society. Animals have never ever been innovative and are not nearly as cognitive as humans. Don't get me wrong, I love animals and always shed a tear when one dies for no reason. Dolphins, I believe, are more intelligent than people. Animals deserve to be treated humane, but I honestly do not believe that animals should be treated the same as humans. They wouldn't appreciate it anyway. Animals are wild and act instinctively and I think that treating them like humans would only be to their disadvantage.

  • While animals deserve respect and the right not to suffer for no good reason, they should never be treated like humans.

    I am all for the ending of animal torture and such, but treating animals like humans is a very wrong thing. Animals are programmed differently from humans. What may seem like a good thing to us may not be a good thing for them, and may even be detrimental to them. For instance, it is useless to give sea sponges clothing, food and shelter because they are not conscious as they have a total lack of neurons. While farm animals and dogs/cats are conscious animals (complete with a brain and limbic system), it is also a waste of time to treat them just like humans as they simply do not need it. There is no need to throw them birthday parties, dress them up, etc. as they simply do not need it nor will they understand it. In fact, it might even scare them or cause discomfort. Animals' brains are wired differently from humans.

    Treating animals just like humans not only will end up as a waste of time, but will potentially further frustrate or damage the animals.

    "Never try to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and it annoys the pig." -Robert Heinlein

  • No that is too extreme.

    Treating animals like humans would mean that we could no longer eat meat. It also means that any animal that killed another animal would be guilty of murder. Animals should have fundamental rights but not on par with humans. While animals being treated like humans sounds nice it is really not practical in the real world.

  • Humans and animals are different

    Humans and animals differ significantly in intelligence and behavior, and thus should be treated differently. Any attempt to treat humans and animals similarly would be both impractical and ridiculous. While both humans and animals are entitled to certain rights, to treat them equally or even similarly would simply not make sense.

  • Animals aren't completely like us.

    Do you think animals want to be put in strollers, or dressed up? This causes negative behavior and is not what all pet owners want. And this is getting out of hand -- this is nuts. I can't believe how messed up people can get over their pets. Why are people acting irrational so much lately?

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