Should animals perform in circuses and othter sites?

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  • Nothey should not.

    There have been hundreds of reports of animal cruelty and mistreatment. Circuses have abused the show animals to do what the ring leader wants them to. Circuses don't make enough money to keep the circus up and running let alone taking care of the animals. A lot of circus animals die early deaths due to depression alone.

  • Animals should not be in Circuses

    Animals suffer from anxiety when pushed and forced. Lots of circuses punish their animals for mistakes and it can result in injuries that disable them. Lots of circuses look fun but they do not show you what happens behind the scenes. Animals are living beings not just things that are on the table for people to use.

  • Animals feel pain and stress

    It has been scientifically proven that animals like elephants, Lions and tigers that you would most commonly see in a typical circus do in fact suffer from pain, Stress and feel emotions like we do. Putting a wild animal infront of dozens of people makes them nervous and stressed because of the pressure placed on them by both the audience and their trainers.

  • No, Definitely not.

    Elephants are living beings. That should be the most reasonable answer out there. But sometimes it isn't.
    They can feel pain, Can think, Can do plenty of other stuff. They should never be treated as trash.
    The same goes for tigers, Lions, Bears, Wolves, Dogs, Cats, And more. Dog shows and more are just harmful to the animal. How would humans like it if this stuff was forced upon them? Not very much, I'm guessing.

  • Should animals perform in circuses and other sites?

    Elephants are living creatures. They deserve to have a good life in their natural environment and not as a commodity that may be seen in a show. By taking care of their natural environments we can continue to enjoy their magnificent nature. Circuses and other entertainment sites should be more creative in order to find animal free shows.

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