• Art is amazing

    Art is an important part of education and can be very beneficial to children. According to a recent study, Art can support brain health and concentration. Also, Art can help creativity and imagination, Which can be applied to many jobs today. Art is truly an essential part of education, That all kids deserve.

  • Art is deep

    I have yet to meet a shallow artist: in any of the arts. The mere process of creation makes you more aware of everything in life. The creative process sometimes requires deep thinking. Besides teaching the practical skills required in art, There is also theory and the history of art.

  • Yes art is amazing

    This is art and I love art because it reinforces creativity in children enrolled in middle school, High school, And college. Art is amazing and I love it those of you who think it's for "Nerds" go back to kindergarten and draw a picture as a exit ticket so long people!

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