• Under certain circumstances

    First of all whose life is it? Second it could be abused but there are examples of where it works like the Netherlands, Because it is strictly regulated, People should control their own lives, But people also deserve to be protected, So in a strictly regulated environment, Like in the Netherlands, It has been made to work with little or no abuse.

  • I think it's good because

    When your old and can't move much people are miserable. My great aunt lived in a home for many many years and she couldn't move her tongue and no one could understand her but she wrote out she didn't want to live in the home anymore. She wanted to be shot in her own home because she was so miserable. She wanted suicide, What people call the easy way out. People are meant to run and play with others and speak freely but when you are old and can't even move to get a glass of water on your own you don't want to be there anymore. They want to go somewhere where they can run and not break a bone going to the restroom. It's hard to comprehend death and why people may want it but if your miserable and people need to help you pee then I know I would raise the gun and shoot.

  • More cruel to make them endure

    Those who'd want assisted suicide are people who are going through either emotional or physical pain. I stand for allowing it provided two criteria are met.
    1) The person is suffering from terminal illness.
    2) The person has constant excruciating pain.

    No one else can or should make this decision for them, This practice shouldn't be allowed on people in vegetative state for obvious reasons.
    Depending on the severity of the condition an appropriate time period must be given to the person requesting the assisted suicide in order for them to reflect upon that decision to see if they'd change their mind.
    I'm not sure if this last step is absolutely necessary, But once certain of their choice, I think it's best for the person to be sedated before being led to their demise, For them to ease into it.

    Saying assisted suicide is morally wrong is to keep your hands clean guilt free. I agree it doesn't sound pleasant, But it is better than to torture them, Denying them the release they so desperately need.

  • These people want to be free of their pain

    Many of the people who would look at this option are elderly, And they are either dealing with extreme pain or they have lost everyone they love. They just want to move on and let themselves rest away from the worries and cares of this world. They should be able to decide

  • Freedom of choice

    If you want to end your life, You have every right to. People that desire assisted suicide are enduring pain that is unimaginable to the rest of the population. If they cannot end the pain themselves, Than the pain should be stopped by someone else. To allow someone to go through that intense pain is like permitting torture.

  • This is murder, This should NEVER be allowed

    Now I'm not going to get "too" religious, But I know for a fact that Murder is a crime against God and the law and even though they want it, It's not their place to decide whether or not they want to leave this world. I have had many people I knew personally that committed suicide and I have almost committed it myself, And it is a struggle, But you have to look to the future. Everything is temporary, And nothing is forever, For example, If your mother died, You will go through the stages of grief and obviously move on. If you are at the edge of suicide, Remember, Not one thing, Lasts forever. Please get help if you tried or are trying to commit, Because there is a lot more this world has to offer.

  • There isn't a real choice.

    Laws don't require consent when the actual death may take place. The whole concept of assisted suicide has to do with the doctor or physician being allowed to end the patients life. If the person who has "chosen" to end their life suddenly changes their mind, They could be found "not mentally sound" and their life could still be ended.

    What about the doctors? I am a doctor myself, And I find this whole concept very scary. The only reason I decided not to be an OB/GYN was because I might have to perform abortions, Which I am against. Would I be forced to perform assisted suicide on a patient even though it goes against my religious and personal beliefs? This scares me.

  • It should be carried privately

    I think we should suicide slowly, Like have an 30 second talking about, If you need someone to talk to and listen, Then call an number dedicated to listening to their reasons of the suicide and they can help them like that or an ad describing if you need help. It should be personal to person feeling that way, Not aloud for everyone to hear.
    I don't think we should not address it in multiple speeches and protests roaming around the streets. That won't do anything for the person who is feeling this way at all. It won't help them at all.
    However if they find an person to talk to and listen and understand them and will try to help them anyway. It would be better like that, Than put on t-v everyday about suicide.

  • No it should be carried out quietly.

    But first of all we should ask if assisted suicide should actually be allowed.
    A lot of screaming and shouting and banging would be somewhat irreverent given the nature of the situation.
    I would suggest that putting to sleep in a peaceful environment would be a far more appropriate way to end things.

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